July 14, 2013

I want to be...

I and my mommy friends in school had dinner last night and on our way to the restaurant we’re talking about our kids. One of my mommy friends shared that she is currently saving for her daughter’s on the job training next year. Her daughter will have OJT in USA and we all know that it is not cheap. This is the reason why I wanted to take Tourism when I was young because I wanted to travel. Some student travel as early as high school and I love the idea of exploring and learning while travelling. But I must admit that Tourism is not for me because of height requirement. #realitycheck

As of now, I never asked my son what he wanted to be when he grows up but I do remember that my mommy friend told me that my son wanted to become a “chef”. Ethan did not mention it to me and I was lucky that her son told her about the “I want to be” activity. Some of Ethan’s classmates wanted to become a soccer player, driver, vendor, policeman, fireman, cook and many more. Well, time will tell...


  1. So sweet picture:) yes, time will tell:)

  2. Mukhang maganda future ni bulilit!

  3. Wow! Chef Ethan... Nakuha nya yang inspiration from mommy kasi lagi mo syang kasama sa pagprepare ng food. 1 point for mommy.

  4. nakakasama mu kasi sa luto saka sa mga food trip kaya gustong maging chef

  5. Lakas ng influence mo sa kanya:-).

    There was a time my son wanted to be a security guard. Lakas ng influence ng security guard sa bahay ng lolo nya noong nagbakasyon kami ng matagal sa Pinas... Every night kalaro nya yun (gabi lg pasok nya) at doon sya natuto magtagalog... kaya ayun, gusto na nyang magsecurity guard.

    1. Siguro nga kung sino mas madalas makasama. =)