July 30, 2013

Retuned Check: Error in Check

Two weeks ago I’ve made payment in SM Payment Center and last Tuesday I received a call from my bank. Actually, I did not answer the first two calls because the number was not in my contact, good thing that they called me again. Yes, I have this bad habit of not answering a call if it is not listed in my contact because I feel that it is just customer sales rep who will offer a credit card.

The branch manager informed me that I have an error in my check and she confirmed if I really wrote the check. She said it will be a returned check but she was so kind to give me a chance to correct the error. I have an error in my date; she said I wrote July 12, 20113 and the date should be July 12, 2013.

I composed a letter, printed two copies and asked my husband to fax the letter the following morning and I went to the nearest BPI branch to let them send the original letter to my branch. I was really nervous because I don’t want to pay returned check fee which is not cheap, I guess P2000 + will be the damaged.

So lesson learned:

1. Always answer the call.
2. Be careful in writing checks

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