August 01, 2013

Shopping at Mandaue Foam

Since March, we’ve been contemplating whether to customize the cabinet or buy a cabinet. I’ve been meaning to visit Mandaue Foam but we could not find the time and finally last Saturday we paid a visit.

The store is huge and we checked every floor looking for cabinet and drawer. Some cabinets were already sold so we settled for this one. We bought it at a regular price but I availed the Mandaue Foam Card (P500) to take advantage of the 10% discount.

The service is good and they even have softdrinks, juice and water dispenser for clients.

January 13, 2014:  Mandaue Foam Holiday Sale

I saw this Mandaue Foam Holiday Sale photo in my news feed last week so I asked my mom if she is interested to buy mattress since there’s no extra bed in my grandmother’s house where she would stay. She said yes so I informed my husband that I will go with him sa pagpapalit niya ng gulong in Alabang so I can buy mattress and pillows.

We were in Mandaue Foam last October, my mother-in-law bought buy 1 take 1 mattress P1500 and pillows P350. But it is no longer available so we bought the next size (double) for P2000. My son wanted to buy B1T1 pillows too, P300 for the smallest size and standard size is P350. They fold it so it will fit inside the car. I informed my friend about it and they bought mattress too so if you are interested, go to Mandaue Foam and take advantage the sale till January 6, 2014 only.

July 2014: Bed and Mattress

We went back to Mandaue Foam store and we bought a Bed and Mattress.

Mandaue Foam Las Piñas City 
487 Alabang Zapote Road
Brgy. Almanza Uno
(02) 556 5621 or (02) 556 6086

Update: Mandaue Foam Card is already P700 

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