October 21, 2013

Stock Dividend

I started investing in stocks last February, I was excited when the trend is going up but I felt sad when it was going down, down and down. I can see that all my investments are color red. But like Bo Sanchez said, “do not panic” so I took advantage the low price to invest more.

I don’t regularly check my stocks so I was shocked last month when I saw that there was an increase in my balance. I asked my friend about it and she said, they received email from COL about stock dividend. I don’t have any email from BPI Trade so I checked their website and I saw this news update. Hay, I have to read pala, they don’t send email.

So it is really true that you can earn more from stocks than savings account or time deposit. This is the first earning that I’ve experienced, so far I earned from blue chips company that invested. My portfolio is not that big but I’m still happy with my earnings. It is better than nothing. 

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