October 29, 2013

Things to do in Bohol

Last October 15, 2013, Bohol experienced intensity 7.2 earthquake which shocked most people because of the severe damaged it cause. I felt sad when I saw the aftermath. I had a chance to visit Bohol last 2007 so I’m thankful that I have photos of those tourist spots. I know it will take time to restore everything and it is not easy to live a normal life especially if there’s still after shock.

But I’ve read that one way to help Bohol is to visit this place so they can earn from tourists again, I can’t definitely say that it is safe to visit now if there’s still after shock but I do hope that in time you will consider to visit Bohol. I still wanted to visit Bohol if time and budget permits because I failed to experience island hopping.

Sharing with you the things that we did when we visited Bohol.

1. Countryside Tour – we don’t have itinerary so when we reached the airport, we immediately get flyers and calling card so we could inquire for tour packages. We were able to book a car for P2000.

2. Day Tour in Panglao Island Nature and Resort Spa. – I paid less than P1000 for two persons including meals.

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