January 30, 2014

School Dilemma

My son is currently in senior casa, Kinder 1 or Pre-kinder in other schools. He will be in the Preparatory level (Kinder) next school year. But this month, I’ve been contemplating whether to stay in the present school and finish his Preparatory level or transfer to a big school so he will be more independent and mature.

As early as January 8, my friends and I have been visiting different schools in our area. We’ve been checking the requirements, checking the tuition and talking to Guidance Counselor. Some of my son’s classmates are qualified for K to 12 Basic Education program. My friends' kids are already six years old by June 2014 and since my son’s birthday is still in October, he’s not qualified yet.

So I prepared all the requirements needed for the admission test and when we went back to the school, I was shocked because the school staff was telling me that my son can take grade 1 admission test because of the memo from DepEd. Kids who are turning six years old until October are qualified for Grade 1. I have to ask her again because I was there last January 8 and I heard different information. At that moment, I really don’t know what to do, will I apply for Grade 1 or Kinder exam. But I don’t want to pay for two exams so I applied for Grade 1 admission test. 

My son took the admission test in two different schools. Last Friday, he passed the first exam (slightly above average) and I can enroll him in Grade 1. He took another exam last Wednesday and I was really nervous because it is not a written exam. My son will take the test on the computer. Waah! My son doesn’t even know how to use the mouse; even they teach him how to use the computer before the exam, I don’t think he will be comfortable in taking the test. 

My son finished the exam and the result was below the average so they told me to retake the exam after one month. The staff told me that maybe my son wasn’t prepared yet because he was only five years old, kasabayan niya mommy, 6 and 7 yrs old and the exam that he took was the final exam of our Kinder (Preparatory in our school) and my son was still in Pre-Kinder level. Actually, they can print the test result but for sure if I will enroll in their school, my son needs to take a remedial class. So they suggest to take the exam again baka di pa napag-aralan ng anak ko yung iba na nasa exam. 

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Now, I’m decided to transfer my son to big school but I don’t know if I will enroll him in Kinder or Grade 1. Of course, I can save money if he will jump to Grade 1 but I don’t know if my son is emotionally ready. Kaya ba niya ang 7 hours every day in school. Kaya ba niya ang additional subjects? I don’t know if he can eat on his own because honestly, he cannot eat rice meal on his own. Paano siya mag-lunch? Hay, my head is already aching and I have three months to decide. 

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  1. That was the same dilema my mom experienced sakin... I was 6 years old, didn't take any prep or kinder class but passed the 1st grade exam. I was 6 years old as in 6 and 1 month lang when i entered grade 1. My mom asked me if i want to be on grade school na, sabi ko daw yes. So, my mom believed in me and took chance sakin. Fortunately, i was excelling my classes since then. So it's up to you how you condition ethan.. Give him the mindset to excel. I know he'll also excel kanino pa ba magmamana si ethan, pareho kayo magaling ni manong ariel. :)

  2. Same here, 6yrs old din nag grade 1 kaya napapaisip ako kay Ethan kasi 5yrs old lang papasok ng grade 1.

    Hirap kasi sa panahon nila ngayon, dami na subjects. Preschool may computer subjects na rin. :)

  3. I think the test should not have been given through the computer. What if nga nde sanay yung bata to use it. Then even though he is ready, his score might be affected nga because of the mesium used.

    1. Oo nga e. Parang sa lahat ng school na napuntahan ko sila lang ang computer.

  4. ewan ko ba s ibang schools, 5 years old lang anak ko ang hirap na kagad ng mga entrance exams. parang unfair naman sa mga bata. kung ako sa ganung age hindi ko rin masasagutan yun.

    1. Iba na nga panahon ngayon, sobrang advance ng mga lessons kaya pati parents naprepressure.