February 13, 2014

How to Fund COL Account

I don’t really like going to the bank just to deposit, withdraw or pay bills because the line is always long so I’m thankful that you can do online banking. I was happy to know that you can fund COL account through online. If you have BDO, BPI and Metrobank online account, just enroll your COL account and deposit your money.


1. Log in to your BPI Express Online account
2. Under Payments and Reloading, click Bills Payments then click Enroll all other Bills.  
3. Enter your BPI number and Joint Account Indicator.
4. Under Bill Information, select COL Financial Group, Inc. (COL) as the enrollee merchant.
5. Enter Your COL account no. on the space under Reference No.
6. Click Submit
7. To fund – under Payments and Reloading, click Bills Payment then click Pay Bills Today.
8. Under Pay, choose COL account, enter the amount and choose your BPI account.


1. Log in to your BDO Online Account.
2. Click the Add Company/Biller icon
3. Fill-out the Enrollment Details and choose the Channels or electronic banking services where you may want to pay your bills in the future. Click Submit.
4. Click OK when the confirmation dialogue box appears.
5. Click the Pay Bills icon.
6. Fill-out the Payment Details, choose your Payment Schedule, click submit.
7. Click Ok when the Confirmation dialogue box appears.


1. Log into your Metrobank Account
2. Under eBanking Solutions, click Pay Bills.
3. Under Special Bill, select COL Fiancial Group, Inc. (COL)
4. Enter your 8-digit COL account no. under account no.
5. Choose your Metrobank account.
6. Enter the amount and select Immediate Payment.

If you don’t have an online banking account, can do over-the-counter bills payment

Get a payment slip and fill out
Company: COL Financial Group, Inc.
Subscriber no/Reference no.: 8-digit COL account number
Subscriber’s name; COL primary account holder’s name


Check payable to COL Financial Group, Inc.
Overseas Remittance: Contact the hotline for further details.
For all banks, deposits of less than P500 will incur bank charges. 

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