February 25, 2014

Rose & Grace

I’m not yet done with my backlogs and as of this writing my mom was already back in Norway and I’m still going to share our experience in Rose & Grace restaurant. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, we ate here after our bonding in Festival Mall. Rose & Grace restaurant is near Paseo de Sta Rosa and Nuvali, it was not my first time pero sa tagal di ko na tanda yung kinain ko dati. Lol

It was weekday so the place was not crowded, unlike my first experience. It is like an improved carinderia where you have to point your choice of viand (turo-turo). We ordered BBQ, Laing, Bopis and Tawilis, they gave us complimentary bulalo soup which we really like.

The serving is good for two to three persons so we took home our leftover. I can’t remember the price but each viand is P100+ and our total bill is less than P1000. #budgetfriendly

Update: August 2015

After this visit last February 2014, we've been a frequent diner of Rose & Grace if ever we are in Nuvali area and if we are looking for an affordable restaurant. I even recommended it to my friends so we ate dinner here after our day trip at Stilts Calatagan

But during our last visit, it took them so long to serve our food and when they served our food, mukha and lasang sunog na. Overcooked ang liempo, so dry pa siya. We're so disappointed with our food. 


  1. Love Laing! I used to have that for lunch all the time when I was still working. =)

  2. Sarap ng food nila:) yong binili ko kundol ay nagustuhan ni roar:)