February 03, 2014

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

It was Chinese New Year last Friday so we can pick up my mom in the airport but before that, we went to Healthway Alabang Town Center for my son’s check-up, it was a holiday and his pedia has no clinic in Asian.  

We arrived just in time for lunch so we decided to eat first before check-up. We went to Yabu “The House of Katsu” to reserve a seat and the line was too long. My son is already hungry so we went to Vanilla Cupcake Bakery so he can eat something while waiting.

I love the interior of the store, it so homey and comfy. I can stay here while reading a book or having intimate conversations.

It was our first time so we had a hard time in choosing. The lowest price of the cupcake is P60 without frosting. My son chose the choco choco chip cupcake P80 and he finished the cupcake. He loved it. Next time I will try the banofee. 

Update: Cupcake the we've tried. 

Lava Cupcake P90 - taste is ok

Banana Cream Cheese P100 - we love this!


  1. mukhang masarap nga tumambay! lucky ethan, nauna ang dessert :)

  2. I love confectionary places like that! Sweet na yung goods; sweet pa yung interiors. Hehehe! =)