May 08, 2014

DIY Clock

My son’s lesson in his summer class is “Telling Time” and I heard his teacher reminding them to study their lesson. So when we got home, I checked his notebook and I saw his seatwork 5/10. My son got only 5 correct answer and I can’t blame him because he is not really familiar with clock. 

When he was in Nursery, they learned how to tell time per hour. This school year, they taught how to tell time per 30 minutes. I always tell him that 1 = 5 minutes, 2 = 10 minutes and so on. But he is still having a hard time so I made a DIY clock yesterday so it will be easy for him to remember.

I checked whatever materials I can use at home. 

2 paper plates 
Numbers from scrapbook materials. 
Sharpie Pen Fastener 
Paper and Washi Tape 

1.Pasted all the numbers at the side of the paper plate. 
2.I made 2 clock hands, one short and one long and cover it with washi tape to make it colorful. 
3.Fasten the clock hands and paper plate. 
4.Cut the side of the paper plate per number and write the conversion at the back.

A repost from my old blog Michi's Home Sweet Home

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