May 14, 2014

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is not really a big deal for us because we don’t really plan anything for this day and I don’t expect anything from my husband and son. I don’t assume that they will treat me, give me a gift or I could have a day off. Even they will not greet me, it is fine because I believe that Mother’s Day is not only every second Sunday of May. The truth is, not everyone in the world celebrate Mother’s Day on the same day but I believe most of the countries celebrate every second Sunday of May. 

Honestly, I can’t even remember how I celebrated my first Mother’s Day, all I can remember is from 2011 to 2013 because of this blog.

I received my first Mother’s Day card last 2011 from my son. 

I received my second Mother’s Day card last 2012 and we spent Mother’s Day in Taal Vista Hotel. #staycation

Last 2013, I spent Mother’s day in my OB’s clinic due to UTI and this year, I was supposed to be in my OB’s clinic again for my follow up check-up due to UTI again but I missed my check-up and I did not attend Asian Psorclub outing because we’re so busy at home. We’re having mini home improvement so we need to stay at home and supervise it. 

But I’m happy it was already finished though I still have a pile of work to do such as cleaning the mess of our home improvement, decluttering the house, finishing my laundry and ironing the clothes. Hay, iisipin ko pa lang napapagod na, hehehe! 

Though I wasn’t really expecting anything because I know we’re all busy, my son gave me his third Mother’s Day card and my husband gave me a book “A Wife after God’s Own Heart.” We had an early celebration last Saturday at D’Banquet, sort of celebration but the truth is we don’t have food at home because I can’t cook because of the home improvement. #hehehe 

As I posted in my Instagram “Thank you for the love and thank you for making my life more meaningful and beautiful. I would be forever thankful to God for giving me the privilege to be a wife and mom. Having you in my life is enough to complete me and I could not ask for more” 

It is better to be late than never, I would like to thank those people who remembered me last Sunday and Belated Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.


  1. Belated Happy Mother's Day to you! The Superwo-moms of the World!

  2. So nice! You are a very good mother:)

  3. Mother's Day this year was more simpler this time. We both wanted to celebrate it with our Moms so we treated them to a nice Italian lunch at Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar at BHS. No flowers this time too. Sa food na lang namin lahat ginastos :D

  4. Awww so sweet. Belated happy mother's day :)

  5. Aw how sweet! Do you like contests? I was at a Leap Frog event and they told us about the contest they have for moms who have kids who made them mother's day cards. Ithink you make a collage then submit it on their Leap Frog ph facebook page. You can win a Leap Frog tablet, they'll judge by the most creative. Sorry, naalala ko lang when I read that your son gave you a third card. :)

  6. Belated happy mother's day to you! Your hubby and son are so sweet for still making an effort to show you how much they appreciate you. :)

  7. Belated happy mothers day!:) Its my first year to celebrate mother's day!:)