July 06, 2014

Day Trip in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Update: June 2023 

After almost a decade, we went back to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar but this time, we had an overnight stay. You can check the links below for my updated review and rates. 

Heritage Day Tour Rate 

PHP2,500 (Monday to Friday) 
PHP2,900 (Weekends, Holidays and Peak Dates) 


Entrance Fee and Use of Beach Area 
30 mins to 1 Hour Walking Guided Tour; Kalesa Ride 
Hotel de Oriente Viewing, Balsa River Cruise 
Set lunch at HDO Binondo Hall, all taxes and fees 

Walking Heritage Tour Schedule: 8:30AM, 10:30AM, 2:30PM and 4:30PM 
*Allowed time to stay inside the resort is from 8AM to 6PM only


Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar
is in my bucket list but because I live in South Luzon, it is not on my priority list. My friend invited us to attend his son’s 7th Birthday in Bataan since it is too far from Cavite, I suggested to my husband that we stay in Las Casas para di pagod. 

I emailed Las Casas but they replied, “please call to reserve” so my husband called, and unfortunately, no more Studio De Luxe rooms are available. We don’t want to book other rooms because PHP4,050 room rate is already steep for us and the next lowest available room is P5,850. 

We decided to have a day trip instead, we left Cavite around 4AM so we still have enough time na mamasyal before attending the birthday party at 3PM. I posted here our sidetrip “Bataan Road Trip” before going to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Resort. 

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a heritage park or heritage resort in Bagac, Bataan. It is owned by Jose Rizalino “Jerry” Acuzar who is an art collector and architect. Jerry aimed to showcase cultural heritage through the restoration of the houses.

At the gate, the guard gave us an entry pass to be given in the reception area. I was thankful that my son is still free.

Day Trip Entrance Fee of Las Casa Filipinas de Acuzar

Day Trip Rate

Package 1 (set meal) P1,200 nett per person
Package 2 (buffet meal) P1,500 nett per person
A guaranteed minimum of 30 persons is required to avail of the buffet arrangement.


Welcome Drinks
30-minute to 1-hour Guided Tour of Heritage Houses
Entrance Fee and Use of Beach Area
1 Lunch, Afternoon Snack, 2 Tetra Pack Juices, 2 Bottles of Mineral Water
Vicinity Map
All Taxes and Service Charge

Other Options:

Option 1: Entrance Fee with Snacks

P850 - adult
P425 - kids

Option 2: Entrance Fee Only

P685 - adult and 5 years old and above
FREE - toddlers

Upon entering the Heritage Park, you will feel that you’ve been transported in the past. It is really nice to see how big and beautiful the old houses compared to the trend now. 

We were a few minutes late for the Heritage Tour but we don’t want to waste our time waiting for the next schedule so we asked them if pwede pa humabol and they gladly assisted us to locate the tour guide. 

Schedule of Heritage Tour 

8:30 AM
9:30 AM
10:30 AM

1:30 PM
2:30 PM
3:30 PM
4:30 PM

The Heritage Tour is a guided walking tour around the Heritage Park showcasing the cultural and historical background of every single heritage house. After seeing the before and after photos, I was really amazed at how they were able to restore the houses. Check the photos.

After the tour, we ate our lunch at “Casa Unisan” and ordered the set meal at PHP432. It includes soup, a main course, dessert, and drinks. The taste is good.  


1. I like the idea of a Heritage Tour because you will learn a lot. There are more information that you will know that is not written in History school books. 

2. I’ve been to Calle Crisologo in Vigan but I think this is much better because you can visit more heritage houses. It is like a one-stop shop that showcases different houses around the Philippines. 

3. Service is good.


1. I emailed them to reserve a room but they replied “Please call to reserve”. What is the use of this email if you can’t reserve via email? 

2. I paid PHP685 for the tour, welcome drinks, and beach use only. There is a swimming pool but only check-in guests can use it. If you want to ride a calesa or golf cart there’s a fee for that.

3. My son is free of charge so no welcome drinks also but in Villa Escudero even if the guest is FOC, he/she has a welcome drink and buffet lunch.  

4. We wanted to take a bath before attending the birthday party but after seeing the bathroom, wag na lang. I'm not picky but the bathroom has no lock (broken) so how can I take a bath with an open door and I don’t know where to put my bag. I hope they will have a decent bathroom for day-trip guests.


Note: We went there in April 2014 so it was really hot. There’s not enough shade so it is better to bring an umbrella, cap, drinks and extra clothes. 

Every time you enter a heritage house, you have to remove your slippers or shoes so better wear footwear na madali alisin at isuot.  

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar 
Bo. Pagasa, Bagac, Bataan
+63 2 332 5338 +63 2 332 5286 


  1. These structures remembers me from my experienced a long time ago....lovely place to discover with family and friends.

  2. I love the houses but the hassles seem to bug me. This is very informative and thank you very much kasi we know what to expect na when we will go there.

  3. I went to Las Casas a few months ago to inquire for a vacation and I really like the place. I haven't found the time to visit it for a longer time though.

  4. It looks like an Intramuros that is not congested. :-)

  5. Oh my, this is my kind of place, very beautiful houses in a setting from long ago.

  6. It's been on my bucket list too but with the steep amount for just an overnight stay it would take some time before I can visit this lovely place. Though they offer discount rates in group buying sites like deal grocer it's still out of my budget.

    1. I saw the promo at Deal Grocer before but I think you can't use it from Fri to Sunday so I did not buy it.

  7. i totally love these houses! even my husband loves these designs wish i can visit too

  8. Hmm.. I wish they would maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom, esp they are offering daytrip guests accommodation. Everything seems ok except for the bathroom.

    1. The trip is ok except for the day trip bathroom so I think it is better to stay overnight so you can use the pool too.

  9. Those houses are extremely wonderful! I am looking forward to visit any heritage houses also in the future. This is truly a great experience!

  10. I've been bugging my husband for a vacation here. Super busy lang lately. :(

  11. This place is somehow similar to Casa Real in Bulacan. Masarap talaga mamasyal sa sariling bansa.

    1. I've never been to Casa Real, I will take note of that. :)

  12. My husband will surely love this place. Rates are reasonable too!

    1. Rates are reasonable if you will stay long. :)

  13. I love Las Casas! I've been there twice already, but both times we stayed overnight. I'm also from the south (though not as far south as you), so whenever we drive up north, we try to stay for at least a night para super sulit.

  14. I've been wanting to go to Las Casas for so long but til now haven't been able to do so. Hopefully we'll get to go soon!

  15. I always see nice deals for Las Casas on Deal Grocery ata. My Mom went there with her amigas earlier this year, they had fun naman. Long trip nga lang!

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