October 09, 2014

Karen’s Kitchen: Chocolate Ganache

A month before my son’s birthday, I asked my husband if I will order a Mario Cake just like last year when I ordered a Mickey Mouse Cake but he said, we will just buy a cake then put Mario decoration. We’re not fond of fondant cake kasi. I told him na siya na bahala sa cake, basta I want a plain white cake. 

The day before my son’s birthday, my husband checked two bakeshops in Makati and he was informing me about the cake, price, and looks. But my son wanted chocolate cake so we ordered one of the bestsellers of Karen’s Kitchen which is Chocolate Ganache, P825 for 8” round

We’re having a hard time to look for Mario decoration toy, we’ve been checking different malls but my husband only found this. 

Good thing my friend read my FB status and she messaged me that she has Mario toy from Happy Meal. Yay, that was two hours before the party. 

We were really excited to taste the cake because I’ve read so many good reviews. Some of the blogs even considered this as one of the best chocolate cake. We love the chocolate cake because it is not sweet, the cake is moist and you can really see the layer of icing, frosting and cake. 

Maybe, our expectation is so high so when we tasted it, ok lang naman. Considering the price of P825, I find it too expensive because the cake is not that big compared to Purple Oven cakes.  

P300 cake
Karen’s Kitchen
Palm Village, Makati/Petron Dasma, Makati 


  1. I am a total chocolate monster. I love anything that has chocolate in/on it. I love this cake.

  2. Chocolate cake is a fave in our family. But I agree with you on the price. It's a tad too expensive for a cake of that size.

  3. I love cakes! We have monthly cakes for the baby but its custom-made by her Ninang. :) Pero mahalia rodriguez nga ang cake na yan. :)

  4. That cake! (drools)

    Love how you decorated the cake, I actually prefer doing that. Usually we print lang from the computer and mount the on popsicle sticks.

  5. Purple Oven din ang isa sa favorite ko :) your cake decoration looks good!