November 05, 2014

Buy a Sole Build a Home

Two weeks ago, we’ve been looking for rubbershoes for my son. We went to Sports Warehouse, Paseo De Sta Rosa, Solenad and Festival Mall but we could not find a shoes that will fit in my son’s feet and our budget. 

Honestly, I don’t want to splurge for his shoes because it didn’t last for a year. Nalalakihan niya agad. Last Sunday after our visit in Manila Memorial, we went to Southmall to check for rubbershoes and finally we found the right shoes.

Original price is P2998. Bought it at P1199.50 

I saw a key chain on the shoe box, Buy a Sole Build a Home. For every Fila shoe you buy, Fila will donate to Irebuild, a project of Operation Compassion for the benefit of people affected by Yolanda to rebuild their homes. From October 1, to November 14.

It is nice to know that after several months, there are still companies who are willing to help.

A repost from my old blog My Other Nook

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