December 09, 2014

What Habits may Hurt Getting Pregnant

When I got married, I feel that getting pregnant is as easy as 1,2,3 so I took pills after we got married because I don’t want to get pregnant yet. After 18 months, I decided to stop taking pills and I was lucky that I got pregnant after two months. I was blessed because I have no fertility issues because I know someone who got pregnant after 12 years of being married. They did everything just to have a baby. 

From our friends at Pregnancy, there are many couples out there who are suffering from fertility issues. Some studies estimate that one in six couples has some sort of a fertility problem, whether it be a male fertility issue, a female fertility issue, an unexplained issue, or an issue with more than one thing. While fertility issues are actually pretty common these days, not all of them need extensive or expensive fertility treatments in order to be reversed or “fixed”. 

In fact, there are lots of things that couples can do themselves that can go a long way towards boosting their fertility. A big one is a weight. If a woman is underweight or overweight, that can affect her fertility. Bad habits like smoking, drug use, alcohol, and caffeine can all affect fertility as well. Too many junk foods, processed foods, sugary snacks, and sweets can really be detrimental to fertility as well, so eating a healthy well-balanced diet is very important. Reducing stress, getting plenty of sleep, and trying to be as healthy as possible overall is the best way to help to boost fertility on your own.


  1. taking pills is a big factor in getting pregnant. best to avoid it. stress is a major factor though. better live a healthy life. :)

  2. Getting pregnant was never a problem for me. But I have friends who have experienced fertility problems. Women (and men!) really have to take care of themselves even before trying to get pregnant in order to increase the chances of conceiving.

  3. Stress. Avoid stress. That's the main reason why we decided not to have another child. Life is stressful these days and we wanted to ease out for my 2 daughters.

  4. Getting pregnant was also never an issue forme. It just took me longer because my husband works abroad.

  5. Ah, I never had this problem. I'm actually on the other side of the fence, I get pregnant easily, haha. :)