January 14, 2015

Easy Way to Request for Birth Certificate

Our passport will expire in April and July but we all know that the Philippines requires that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the date you leave. We don’t have travel plans yet but it is better to be ready.

I was reserving an appointment last Thursday for our passport renewal and I’ve read the minor requirements, I was shocked because the requirements are still the same, it is like applying for a new passport. I need original NSO birth certificate of my son (now PSA), good thing I still have one copy of his birth certificate but I decided to order for future use. 

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The following day I checked NSOHelpline.com site, the last time I used their service was 2006 so I can’t remember any steps. But ordering is still easy so sharing to you the easy process of requesting your birth certificate. 

1. Click order now 

2. Choose the documents you need, in my case I need a birth certificate

3. Answer the question, I chose school requirements. 

4. Answer the question, I clicked Yes 

5. Answer the question, I clicked Yes 

6. Fill out the details. 

7. Answer the question, I clicked None 

8. Fill out the details.

9. Check if all the details are correct. 

10. You will see your order summary and get all the details that you need for payment. I also received text and email message regarding my order. I made over the counter payment at Metrobank last 2006 but this time I used my gift voucher. But if I don’t have a gift voucher, I prefer paying using a credit card. 

It took me few minutes to order a birth certificate online. Yesterday, I received my son’s birth certificate, after 2 business days. That is so convenient, I saved time and effort. The cost of the birth certificate is P350 including the delivery fee but it is still worth it because I will spend the same amount if I will go to SM.

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Pilipinas Teleserv provides Filipino citizens with a stress-free alternative to acquiring their civil registry documents from the National Statistics Office (NSO) through NSOHelpline.com. Requests for birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, and certificates of no marriage (CENOMAR) are made via the hotline or the website and delivered right to one’s doorstep.


  1. Hands down, the best government agency, me thinks. They are so efficient!

  2. This is really very convenient. I tried using this before.

  3. How much ang isang bcert if being delivered?



  4. Oh this is the first time I've seen screencaps of how the service works. It looks really simple and convenient!

  5. I agree, DFA is much more efficient now compared 10 years ago ... -edel

  6. This is very helpful. I think I have to try this easy process. Thanks.

  7. This is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love this service. It is quick, easy and very convenient :)

  9. Thank God for this! I'm a working mom so I don't have the time and patience to endure long queues to get NSO documents. This system makes the process easier.

  10. My son has availed this service from NSO online. It was sometime in 2012 when he request for NSO copy of his birthday certificate and he paid Php350.00 and it was delivered to our own door. (3rd comment - Gil Camporazo)

  11. i personally love their site, easy to manage and browse and my order is very fast to arrive.

  12. Tried this service before, yes very convenient and no hassle talaga. Andthe delivery is so fast. Stress-free to lining up and all. Iba na talaga ang power of internet. :)

  13. I've tried this last year and I must agree that it's very convenient and efficient! Kudos to the NSO Helpline! :)