January 29, 2015

How to Apply ITF (In Trust Fund) Account in COL Financial

My son has a savings account but since the interest rate is so low, I decided to invest his money. I don’t touch his money so it is better to put it in the stock market where he can earn more through dividend or selling of shares. 

In one of my posts, I mentioned that I’m investing for my son’s future because I opened an ITF or In Trust Fund Account in COL before the year-end. 

The requirements of IN-TRUST-FOR (ITF) Accounts 

Customer Account Information Form (CAIF) 

Online Securities Trading Agreement (OSTA) 
Specimen Signature Card (Sig Card) 
ITF Supplementary Agreement 
Minimum Initial Deposit P5000 
Photocopy of one (1) valid government issued ID of the parent- Photo and signature must be clear 
Birth Certificate of the minor applicant 
Billing Statement - Recent, no later than 3 months past (waived with personal apperance) 

I brought a photocopy of my ID and my son’s birth certificate + the P5000 initial deposit. While waiting I filled out all the forms needed for the application. When my number was called, I submitted everything and after few minutes, we’re done. I've deposited the P5000 in their cashier before leaving the office. 

The process was easy and the service was good too. So if you are looking for investment for your kids, you can try the ITF account.

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  1. Hello sis. We applied for ITF na for Matthew. 2-3 days pa daw before they can send us the account # and password. Excited lang, hehe.

    1. Congrats! Sa kin natagalan kasi naipit ng holiday, pero 2 business days ko nareceived yung password.

  2. I'm considering this one. We also opened bank accounts for our sons but I don't want to touch it at all. Having a time deposit style would be better. =)

  3. Thanks for this info, Michi. I'm thinking of opening this type of investment for my son. We can never be sure about the future so better start saving for our kids as early as we can.

  4. Hi, did you have to get a TIN for your child for the ITF account? Thanks in advance.

  5. hi there, can i still open an ITF account for my 18yr old daughter? all the info i seem to find says minor, but i am cosidering opening an account for her without her knowing. or is there any other way i can do that.. response will be highly appreciated.

    btw, response through my mail will be better as i dont always have the opportunity to go to online and it will be easier.. mitzmontecastro@gmail.com

    1. Hi! Your daughter needs to sign the form so she needs to be present if you want to open ITF. As far as I can remember, my son signs a form. But you can directly call or email COL to give you more information.