February 03, 2015

DIY Felt Stuffed Letters

I’ve been meaning to make crafts out of felt cloth but the problem is I don’t know where to buy felt cloth. #boo For years, I’ve been buying fabric for my son’s costume but those stores don’t sell felt cloth. Last month, I asked a blogger friend where she buys felt cloth and she told me I could try at Market Market and Office Warehouse. So when I visited Festival Mall, I went to Office Warehouse and I found felt sheets. Waah! Dun lang pala kita makikita. 

Finally I can do felt crafts, I started with felt stuffed letters first since I feel that it is so easy to make. I printed pattern and trace it on felt cloth. 

Then I started sewing and stuffing. 

Well, this is not easy pala. It took me four hours just to finish five letters.

After I finished my son’s name. He was asking for his second name. Waah! But I should be happy because I know that he likes it so I cut all the letters of his name including surname. Then the following day, I finished everything and maybe because I”m used to it, madali na lang. Imagine I finished 13 letters and wala pa 4 hours. Hehehe! I sew drawstring bag too for the felt stuffed letters. 

I gave it to my son and he started using it and then he said, “mommy, where’s the letter C?” Oh no, he was asking for his middle initial. Need talaga complete, so I made letter C and I was praying hard that he won’t ask for “period”. 

I’m planning to complete the remaining alphabet letters because this is nice way to teach him spelling. Nice gift too for toddlers.


  1. Wow! This is nice. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I always wanted to do this at un nga hindi nga madaling makahanap ng felt cloth :(


  3. Cute felt letters you have here! It sure is fun to work with felt.

  4. so cute when he asked for his MI hehe :D

  5. Thanks for sharing! I searched for felt cloths before, and I found one online store in eBay that sells it. As based in the province, it's one good source for me. But I set the project aside 'cause medyo wla na akong time. :) Nakakatuwa naman yung anak mo, heheh...complete name talaga hinanap ha. :)

    Your stuffed letters are really cute.

  6. Lovely felt letters that you made. They can be reused to teach younger kids next time too :)

  7. this gave me an idea on how to decorate a dull wall! thank you.

  8. I want to do this for the longest time but I always cannot find the time. Probably, this month. :) It's so cute! Love it! :)