April 03, 2015


We’re supposed to watch this movie last Tuesday but it wasn’t showing yet so we watched Cinderella movie instead. 

We watched the trailer and it looks funny so decided to watch it last April 1.


We had an early dinner at Pepper Lunch and waited for 7:15PM screening time. I noticed that the butter was so limited compared to our last visit. 

Home is all about the aliens who invaded the Earth to hide from Gorg. Oh is one of Boovs who runaway to earth. He has no friends and he always commit mistakes. Oh met Tip while escaping and promised to help Tip in finding her mom. 

Home has a very simple story and you will really laugh while watching it. It is a nice movie if you want to relax and de-stress. You can really hear the laughter of kids inside the movie house. But for adults, there is no significant impact.


  1. I like watching animated movies, with or without kids. Home is on my list. Haven't watched the new Cinderella but I heard it's good too - certainly would like to see Rob of GoT on-screen again, hehe. :)

    1. That's what my husband said, he said the Prince is from GoT. :)

  2. Sometimes it is nice to watch a movie that you don't have to think deep :) Real stress buster.