April 01, 2015

Lessons from Cinderella Movie

We’re supposed to watch this movie two weeks ago with my family in Valenzuela but my son had Kid’s Scout Day Camp and my husband needs to finish installing our solar panel at home.

Honestly, my son didn’t want to watch Cinderella because it is a movie for girls but my mom wanted to treat him because we’re absent last time.

I’m pretty sure that we are all aware of the Cinderella story but even you know the story, you will enjoy the latest version of the movie. Even my son who said that it is only for girls enjoyed the part when the fairy godmother appeared and change the pumpkin to a carriage, goose to a driver, and so on. 

Most of the little girls dream to be Cinderella one day. Hoping that they will also meet their own Prince Charming. But the Cinderella story is not just about meeting your true love, there are so many lessons that you can learn. 

Have Courage and Be Kind 

Have courage and be kind are the last words of Ella’s mother. It is easier said than done. Ella lost her mother and father and she has to deal with her stepmom and sisters who abuse her kindness. 

It is not easy to be kind if you want to defend yourselves to bully people. It is not easy to be kind if you are hurt. It is not easy to find strength when you feel alone.

But Cinderella pressed on and proved that kindness is the best revenge. She doesn’t need to use her strength to fight back.

Have Faith 

Ella struggles after she lost her father but she did not give up. She finds joy with her little friends and learns to live in her present life. 

The burden was so heavy but she believed that “best days are yet to come”

Care to share what lessons you've learned in the movie. 


  1. I love the moral lesson of the modern day Cinderella. It's short but powerful in meaning, diba?!