April 10, 2015

Sambokojin: Free Buffet for the Graduate

It’s been a long time since the last time that we dined in Sambokojin so I was really happy when I learned that they have a branch in SM Southmall. I saw this picture in Instagram “Free buffet for the graduate! Just bring two full paying guests with youI checked the rate in their website 

Sambokojin Buffet Price: 

Monday to Friday LUNCH P 599 

Monday to Friday DINNER P 699 
Saturday – Sunday and Holidays LUNCH & DINNER P 749 

Children’s Buffet price:4′- 4’6″ P 330

3′ – Below 4 ft. P280
Below 3 ft. FREE
70 Yrs Old and above – 50% Off 

I told my husband about it so we decided to eat at Sambokojin after the graduation of my son. My husband called two days before to reserve. 

We arrived before 11AM so we have to wait for the restaurant to open. I went to the comfort room first and when I went back, my family was inside the restaurant ordering for their drinks. Bottomless drink is P95

This is our table, I noticed that there is no more fat to grease the pan and plate of Korean appetizers such as kimchi, bean sprouts, spinach, sweet spicy dilis. It was available last time we ate in Sambokojin.

I filled up the “Free Buffet for the graduate” and submitted it to the staff. Then, of course, we started eating. 

The staff gave us Kamameshi rice but if you want more rice (plain), you can ask for it. 

My son enjoyed grilling the food more than eating. He still ate his favorite ebi tempura, miso soup and ice cream. 
We’re so busy eating and the place was crowded so I have limited pictures. 


1. We enjoyed our eat-all-you-can experience. My mom and mother-in-law enjoyed the yakinuku experience 

2. The service is good. The staff always asks if you want to refill your drinks. 

3. My son received a graduate souvenir from Sambokojin. A certificate with a hand print.


1. I chose Sambokojin restaurant because of the “free buffet graduate promo” but I did not avail it anymore because it is more expensive. If you read the mechanics “free buffet for the graduate, just bring 2 full paying guest”. The mechanics did not inform that the 2 full paying guest is at P749 each. It was Thursday, so I was expecting the rate is at P599. But the P599 is a promo price lang pala. 

I ended up paying P599 x 4 + P280 (Buffet rate of my son) = P2676 (drinks not included) than P749 x 2 + P599 x 2 = P2696 (graduate promo). The difference is only P20 but if my son was really free of charge, the bill is only P2396. 

I was disappointed with the promo, maybe if my son was not Kinder, makakasave ko sa promo. Good thing they let me choose kung ano rate babayaran ko. #kuripot

Click here for our first Sambokojin experience.


  1. Your boy sure looks happy! :) Haven't tried Sambokojin yet. :)

  2. What I like about Sambokojin is that we can grill our own food, lol. Kids enjoy that.

  3. I prefer Sambokjin that Yakimix mas marami choices of food :-)

  4. The price is xpensive for me too. Hehe. Bawi naalng sa bonding :)

  5. I saw that promo when I went to SM Southmall, tapos nakalimutan ko na. I've never been to Sambokojin, wish to dine there soon.

  6. My sister said I should try Sambokojin. We don't have that here in Pampanga but I want to try this. Perhaps when I visit the Metro and meet some friends, I would request to dine here.

  7. Its disappointing paying that much if your expecting you'll get the free buffet. Still kinda expensive but I'm sure you guys have fun. Thanks for sharing your experience, the food looks good though.

    1. Yes, I was expecting for free buffet like I've experienced in other buffet restaurant but in Sambokojin, there is no such thing as free buffet for the graduate if your child is in kinder" because it is cheaper to pay kid's rate. (Weekday)

  8. Replies
    1. Next time, iba naman patry ko sayo. :)

    2. Next time, iba naman patry ko sayo. :)

  9. Haven't tried this but their buffet is a good deal already.

  10. Hubby and I are into buffet nowadays kasi napansin niya na habang tumatanda ako eh palakas ako ng palakas kumain. Hehehe! I'm going to tell him about Sambokojin! The food looks delicious! Thanks for sharing. :-)

    1. Good for you! Me naman di sulit kasi mabilis mabusog. Pero masarap pa rin ang buffet at dami pwede itry.

  11. Glad to hear you and your family enjoyed the food and service at Sambokojin, despite the minor disappointment. We haven't tried this resto yet. I know my son will enjoy grilling, too.