June 10, 2015

Paper Clay Art

I bought this Paper Clay Art last December but it was only last Sunday that we were able to use it. 

The kit contains paper clay, stick and board.

Since it’s been 6 months that I did not use it, the paperclays were dried. According to the package, if the paperpclay dries up and doesn’t stick to the board, just add few drops of water and mix. But in our case, I have to add a lot of water just to soften the clay. It worked except for the white color because it is hard as stone. 

My son and I finished this artwork using the available colors. 

The result doesn’t look good pero pwede na. #motherandsoneffort Next time if ever I will buy paper clay art, I will use it immediately.


  1. Still looks good. Sayang din naman. :-)

  2. My daughter loves paper clay art, it's a bit harder to do than plain coloring but she really enjoys doing it.

  3. wer to buy this material?

    1. I bought this at the mall (Metro and SM), there is a kiosk which sells Paper Clay Art.