July 02, 2015

Duncan Hines: California Walnut Brownies

I’ve been loyal to Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate brownie mix for the last three years because my family loves these brownies. It is so easy to prepare and the brownies are really good. 

Last month while we are doing our grocery in S&R, my husband saw this Duncan Hines California Walnut brownies mix and he said I should try it. I’ve tried other instant mixes of Duncan Hines before like the Devil’s Food and Red Velvet and the taste was just ok so I was a bit hesitant to try this mix.

Anyway, I bought a box and I baked it two days ago. Just like the Ghirardelli instant mix, all you need to do is add egg, water and oil then bake. Surprisingly, we love it! These brownies are not sweet and we like it because there is walnut too. The taste is close enough to Fudge Brownies of Purple Oven.  Now we have a new favorite, I will buy Duncan Hines California Walnut mix again.

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  1. Look at the these pictures. It really looks delicious.

  2. Its one of my favorite brand of fudge brownies. I love Duncan Hines! So good Sis:)

  3. There are really a lot of easy to make brownies premix these days, I have tried one that is locally made, I wonder when I can find something like this. :-)

  4. They look so tempting, i might as well try them. :)

  5. My sis loves to bake and to try something that is ready mix will suggest here this brand it looks good :-)

  6. That looks tasty