July 20, 2015

Lunch at Super Bowl of China

It was holiday last Friday so we went to my grandmother for a quick visit and we immediately went to Asian Hospital for my phototherapy session but unfortunately the Dermatology Laser and Light Center was closed. Waah! I forgot that they are closed during the holidays too. 

We went to Festival Mall to eat our lunch, we ate at Super Bowl of China. I’m not fond of Chinese food so it took me a while to try this restaurant. It was already past 1PM but the restaurant was still packed. I thought it was just a small restaurant but I was surprised to see a lot of tables inside. 

While perusing the menu, they gave us complimentary tea and chips which my son immediately ate. So they gave us another chips while waiting for our order. Hehehe! 

The meal is good for 2 to 3 persons so we just ordered Lechon Macau P350, Rice and Drinks. Since our bill is more than P500, we got this Pancit for P1 only

Well, the food is just ok for us, the lechon macau is crunchy but a little bit salty and dry. It is very far from the Lechon Macau that I’ve tasted in Macau.  The Pancit is just ok too. 

The service is good, even there were a lot of diners, it took them several minutes to serve our food. The staff will greet you once you enter and leave the restaurant.


  1. I love their Taho there. it's been years since the last time we've been there.

  2. Well guess what, I'm drooling right now hehehe. You just inspired me to cook pancit for dinner tonight. Wish i could buy lechon somewhere i'll just be content with pancit in the meantime.

  3. I love Chinese food but I haven't eaten or heard about this. This is definitely going on my bucketlist. Thanks! :)

  4. For a P500 bill you get an order of pancit for P1, thats awesome! I love chinese foods eversince childhood, especially dimsums :)

  5. Mapo tofu is my fave there! Havent been there in ages!