September 10, 2015

How to Enroll BDO ATM Online

I’ve been with BDO for several years already because it was my payroll ATM. I decided to open a savings account with them so it would be easy for me to save money. I’ll just transfer funds from payroll account to my savings account. When I resigned from work, I did not close my savings account. 

Since I moved in the province, banks are not really accessible so I do most of my transactions online. I dislike going to the bank because it takes time, effort and money just to do one single transaction. One thing I dislike in BDO, I need to pay P50 if I will deposit interbranch even it is my own account. Seriously! 

Since my mom is sending money to me for the family, I decided to enroll the savings account of my family as third party account so it would be easy for me to fund transfer birthday or Christmas cash gift without additional cost.

Last month, my sister informed me about her new savings account number so I enrolled her account online and activated it in ATM Machine. It supposed to be activated within 24 hours. But two weeks had passed and I still cannot see her name on my third party account list.

I texted my sister to verify all the details and at the same time I emailed BDO regarding my concern. My sister confirmed that I have the correct information. I was surprised when BDO replied;

 “Please be advised that the enrollment of your other person's account is still pending and will be rejected because the ATM Card you used for activation is not enrolled in BDO Online Banking.”

I don’t understand why they are telling me that the ATM card was not enrolled because I’ve been using the same ATM for the last several years and I have just enrolled my aunt’s account few months ago but I did not encounter any problem. 

Then they informed me on How to Enroll BDO ATM Online

Choose Enrollment Services 

Choose ATM Banking 
Choose Enroll 
Enter the ATM card number 
Click Submit. 

I did the following steps and I went to ATM Machine again to activate my third party account enrollment

Simply Select Other Services 

Choose Activate Enrollment for Fund Transfer 
Enter Activation Code 
Press "CONFIRM" key 
Enter the PIN 
Press "ENTER" key. 

Then the following day, I checked my online account and my third party account enrollment was activated. Need lang pala i-activate ATM, so if you haven’t activated your ATM, do it na.

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  1. I only had one BDO ATM since ever since, it was a pay card/cash card. I never tried any online transactions with BDO before.

  2. Thinking to open an account and I am considering BDO because it is the most convenient bank out there. Thanks for sharing this important information. :)

  3. I think it's easier to save if the money will just be transferred from one account to another.

  4. ginawa ko yan, di rin na activate accounts nyo?

    1. Bago lang yan. Nakapag add naman ko dati ng di na need activate atm. Ito lang kay ate ang nagkaproblem. :)

  5. Like you BDO is also our payroll ATM, and I also have a personal account with them. I do most of the transactions online. And these days, enrolling third party account is already very easy you'll only need to activate it using the ATM machine. Unlike before na kailangan pa submit the application to the nearest bank. Banking with BDO is easy but not really client friendly.. The branch near our office, naku walang queue numbering you have to wait in long lines na nakatayo.. unlike in BPI... kaya I want to try opening an account sa BPI na rin. hehehe

    1. I've experienced the paper application and it takes weeks before it will be activated. Same in our branch, no number and tagal mo nakatayo. Yes, open in BPI mas ok service nila. :)

  6. There's an option na din to send money to anyone without enrolling for third party account. I discovered it lang because I have a client who paid right after seconds lang nang kunin nya bdo account number ko. Hehe. But kung lagi mo naman katransact yun account no, much better na enroll ng di lagi input account number :)

    1. True sis, I have read one post about it but I haven't tried it yet. :)