September 24, 2015

Lunch at Iskargu

For the last six years I’ve been going to Victoria, Laguna to visit my grandmother every month. We always passed by Iskargu and we’re really curious because we always see that parking is full. 

The restaurant was badly hit during Typhoon Glenda but after few months, they built it again. Last Saturday, we picked up our son in school and went straight to Laguna then it was time for lunch so we tried Iskargu. Iskargu for isda, karne and gulay. 

I thought it was a restaurant but I was surprised when we went inside, more on carinderia or turo-turo. There were ready food already and all you have to do is choose.

My husband ordered fried chicken, pork binagoongan, and pinakbet. They gave us complimentary soup but I can’t understand the taste. The food and soup are just ok but we did not really enjoy it because they served it cold. 

I think they should have a microwave to reheat the food and soup before serving it. But anyway, they have a nice view of rice field and mountain. The food bill is less than P500.

For turo-turo style, we prefer Rose & Grace because they always serve hot bulalo soup. :) 

You can also visit Isdaan and Kamayan Palaisdaan


  1. Foods looks yummy! I always prefer to eat lutong-bahay and the view is relaxing. Sulit ang kumain dito. :)

  2. If only those food are heated before they serve it could have been taste better. Though the view is very refreshing parang sulit nadin. :)

  3. It is much better to be served hot food. But, if it's turo-turo, it's ok as long as the foods are newly cooked and taste good.

  4. wow! That's still a nice place! I think maganda jan mag muni-muni. Sayang di mainit ang sinerve na food.

  5. The view is certainly nice. I too frown on the cold food. I agree that they should have served hot food instead.

  6. They should atleast have food warmer to keep the food warm. Soup should serve hot dapat. Anyway, bawi na lang sa view.

  7. Oh, so that's what iskargu is all about. I've heard of that but got no idea what is it. Haha

  8. Nice place. But it would have been much better if they served the dishes hot. :)