October 20, 2015

Little Chef Party

Even though our family is not into big party celebrations, we still have mini celebrations. We also have party theme every year, it started when my son was 4 years old. He is the one who decides for his theme, for the last three years, we had Lightning McQueen, Mickey Mouse and Mario party theme. 

My son loves riding an airplane and two years ago, my son wanted to become a chef so when I joined a contest last year "Artique x Happy Thoughts", I put chef or airplane party theme and fortunately I won the contest. Fast forward to September, my son did not have a theme yet for his 7th birthday. He couldn’t decide so I persuaded him to have Little Chef Party theme and I was glad that he agreed. 

Joyce of Happy Thoughts contacted me last September regarding my prize, I won 1 set themed banner, 15pcs invitation, 15pcs cupcake topper, 15pcs party tags and 10 pcs food labels. I received the party kit few days before my son’s birthday. Sharing to you the party kit.


Cupcake Topper

Food Labels

Party Favor Tags


 My husband bought piƱata and I covered it to match our Litte Chef Party theme. 

I was supposed to sew an apron for my party favor, I already bought the fabric cloth but I was not feeling well before the party so these yummy leCHEFlans were my giveaways. 

We love our party kit and thanks to Artique Graphic Design and Happy Thoughts, click here and here for their Facebook Page. 


  1. It looks like the little boy had fun on his party. I'm sure he felt so much love after seeing those decorations especially made for him.

  2. Little no more, big boy na si ethan. Konti na lang mas malaki na sya sayo. Hehehe! Happy 7th birthday Ethan!

    It's really cool you can organize a theme party at diy pa. I have to get a stylist for baby's bday. Di kaya ng diy, dami kong guests. Punta kayo ha? Manong Ariel knows the details.

  3. Happy 7th birthday to your son, the theme is great, I like the details and the costume super cute nya hehe!

  4. Happy 7th birthday Ethan :-) You are lucky that your mom is so creative