January 29, 2016

Domino’s Pizza

Shopping for the holiday is not easy because of the crowd, it seems that half of the population of the world is inside the mall. In addition, looking for restaurant that has available seat/table is very difficult, good thing that my family can eat pizza for lunch. 

We were in SM Sta Rosa last month for our last minute gift shopping and we had a hard time finding available table so I told my husband, dun tayo sa dulo baka wala tao. Voila, may table sa Domino’s Pizza

Filipinos love to eat rice sa lunch kasi but if you are really hungry, kahit ano pwede na. Kaloka noh, holiday pa rin ang story ko. #backlog. As usual, my son ordered Pepperoni Feast, I can’t remember the flavor that I ordered but checking my receipt, it is Extravaganzza. But when I checked my old post, the looks of the pizzas are not the same. Anyway, we enjoyed both pizza. 

My son loves Domino’s Pizza because he can watch the staff while preparing the pizza. They also have a small screen where you can see the waiting time for your order. The Domino’s 2 Pizza Deal is only P399

Care to share you favorite pizza restaurant?


  1. I haven't been to Domino's for a long time. Right now, I love Yellow Cab Pizza.

  2. Not a pizza lover (fattening. jk!! so oily, not good)..

    But looking at your picture, feeling sooo hungry. :(