July 27, 2016

Japan Day 6: The Daiso

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve seen Daiso on our first day in Tokyo, Japan. It is just walking distance from the hotel and you will passed by this store on your way to Sanrio Puroland

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I did not bother to check it because it is available in the Philippines. But since we canceled our itinerary for day 6, we had our chance to visit the store. 

Daiso is a large franchise in Japan and there are 2800 stores nationwide so I’m pretty sure you will see this everywhere. It offers a wide range of products for only 100 yen or 108 (with tax) so it is really cheap. 

And because of the 108 price, even I have no plan of buying anything, I did not leave empty handed. #wasteland Mura pa rin compared sa P88 natin dito. 

The store was big so I stopped taking pictures na and took my time in checking different items. Lol 

Again, there is no bagger so we have to pack our own stuff.

I wanted to buy more but I have no more space in the luggage, good thing I have ecobag so handcarry na lang ibang napamili. Here are my shopping hauls. 

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My husband bought one polo and nanghinayang siya kasi ok naman pala, P300+ lang pagconvert to peso. Natakot kasi na baka magshrink after iwash kaya isa lang binili. Hehehe!


  1. Wow ang daming mabibili! Our family hopes to visit Japan someday, too, so your posts are super helpful for research. :)

  2. wow that's cheaper nga compared to daiso here! Most of the items are cute, dainty and versatile! :D

  3. Daiso! I hate going to Daiso because I never leave empty-handed haha. Grabe! Sometimes I'd go for an item or two but end up with a basket full of stuff. Nakakaaddict!Patay ako jan if it's as big as you say it is.

    1. True, like you napaparami din ako ng bili kahit 1 lang naman nasa list ko. :)

  4. When i work pa and walang sundo, i took MRT till North Ave station. And most of the time, i walk outside Trinoma because when I walk inside the mall, lagi kong nadadaanan si Daiso and i would buy small stuff. but then if you would compute all, di pang small stuff ang total ng napamili mo.

  5. I envy you sis Michi, sana matuloy ang plan namin sa Japan. Yes, that's true ang laking ng price difference dito sa Pinas ng mga items na for sale compare sa Japan ka buy. Thank you for sharing your experiences :) More to come ♥

    1. Don't worry, you can visit Japan in the near future. :)