January 04, 2017

How to Enroll in BDO Online Banking

If you have a savings account, it is very important to enroll in online banking because it will save your time, effort and money. It is easy to check your balance, fund transfer or even pay bills.

I guess, most of the banks have their own online banking website so just check with your bank how to enroll in their online banking. But if you have BDO account, I will share with you the steps on how to enroll your account in BDO online banking. 

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Last year, we decided to transfer my son’s savings account because there is a new BDO branch near our place. Since my son is already 7 years old, the account is already under his name, hindi na joint account. 

The Junior Savings Account has passbook and ATM card so last month I tried to enroll his account in BDO Online Banking because I can no longer view his balance. 

How to Enroll in BDO Online Banking 

Go to BDO website https://www.bdo.com.ph/personal 

Click Online Banking Login Click Not Yet Enrolled? Enroll Now. 
Check the box of “Agree with the Terms and Conditions” and click submit.
Fill out the online banking enrollment form and click submit.
Then activate using ATM or you can print the form and submit it to BDO. 

We activated it using ATM and I was expecting that it will be activated within 24 hours but we received an email.

 “We wish to inform you that your enrollment to BDO Electronic Channels has been forwarded to BDO for manual processing” 

Then after few days, we received another email.

“We wish to inform you that your enrollment with Transaction Reference no. Xxxx in BDO Electronic Channel/s: 

Channel/s requested for enrollment: Online Banking  

Reason for rejection: BELOW 13 YEARS OLD 

My son is not qualified for online banking yet, so over the counter na lang lagi para macheck ang balance and maupdate ang passbook. 

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BDO Fund Transfer and ATM Activation 


  1. Awww. Ako ayoko ng over the counter, hassle kasi minsan ang bank sa dami ng tao. Ang galing may personal account na talaga si little guy. Ako, we're planning to open one for Nate na din, I'm considering either BDO or Security bank kasi sila ung nag ooffer ng junior savers, even for kids below 7 yrs old. I'm not decided yet, wala ako account on both banks so mejo hassle na sya. BDO is nearer but I heard security bank has higher interest rate. So...I'm still unsure. Meron na si Nate kaunting ipon from his coinbank at mga bigay sa kanya last holiday. hehe.

    1. Over the counter para mapaupdate ko yung passbook since he is not allowed to have online banking. I can fund transfer his money para less hassle but from time to time, I let him deposit his money so he will have personal experience of depositing his money. Mas ok kung san ka may bank dun ka mag-open. BDO, P100 lang junior savings account nila. :)

  2. I alsk enjoy banking online with BDO. Super less the hassle. My husband though does not approve as I may be a target of hackers daw. Ehehe,kala naman nya milyon milyon pera namin sa bangko. Hahaha. But seriously, it is way easier and stress free.

    1. True, scary din ang hackers. Kahit wala ko milyo-milyon, scared ako diyan kaya sa house lang ko nagtransact ng online banking.