February 17, 2017

When my Son had Hives or Urticaria?

Almost two weeks ago, while we were studying, my son was complaining about his itchy back and he asked me to scratch his back. I slightly scratched his back and put some baby powder. I asked him, what happened to his back and he said, maybe ant bites. I saw few red bumps on his hand and legs too, napaisip pa ko kung san nakagat ng ants. Nag-garden ba sila? 

Then the following day, while we’re studying, I saw the red bumps again on his body and I asked my son, kung ano ba ginagawa nila sa school? San ba siya nagpupunta at bakit may mga rashes siya sa katawan. He said, sa room lang daw sila. I was a little bit worried because it doesn’t look like an ant bite and nakikita ko lang siya sa hapon and dumadami sa gabi. I gave him an antihistamine. I started searching the internet because I was really clueless. 

When we woke up, I did not see the red bumps anymore so he went to school. When he got home and we started studying his lessons, I saw red bumps again and he kept on sneezing, as in non-stop na naluluha na siya. After dinner, I gave him an antihistamine. I was in panic mode already because the red bumps were all over his face and body. From Wednesday, padami siya ng padami. I messaged my husband about this but because of the time difference, he was not answering. I messaged my friend and she said, it happened to her son too and she even rushed her son to the ER. She advised me to monitor my son and just call her if I need to go to the hospital.

I could not sleep because I was observing the red bumps. I kept on asking my son kung hindi ba siya hirap huminga. He has colds too, so paranoid ko baka hirap huminga. My husband messaged me na baka “hives” daw. I started searching the internet because I really have no idea kung bakit nagkaroon siya. We ate bistik tagalog, tocino, daing na bangus and adobong chicken for that week. 

The following day, I did not see the red bumps but I told my son that we would go to the hospital. My son was worried, “How can we go to the hospital?” daw. My husband was not home so we had no choice but to commute. I know how to go to the Asian Hospital but the problem is, I don’t know how can I go home. Yes, that is my dilemma, di ko alam san sasakyan pauwi. I asked my friend for directions, kung san ba terminal ng jeep.

 Anyway, the doctor examined my son and he asked me kung ano kinain namin. He said, my son has “Urticaria”. So my husband was correct when he said, baka hives. The doctor prescribed me a new “antihistamine” and he said, to avoid eating foods with preservatives. In my son’s case, feeling namin yung tocino ang dahilan. So I told him, bawal muna ang tocino sa lunch niya. He likes tocino and lechon macau kasi sa baon. My son will take the medicine twice a day for seven days and tomorrow is the last day of intake. So far, after two days of taking the antihistamine, wala na siya red bumps.

According to Wikipedia, hives or urticaria is a kind of skin rash with red, raised itchy bumps. It can occur as a result of allergic reaction to a medication, food, insect bites, cold temperature, or psychological stress. 

Before going home, my son and I ate at Shakey’s. Napagod at nagutom kami sa biyahe. Matagal pa paghihintay namin na mapuno ang jeep kaysa sa travel. My son kept on saying “Mommy, ang tagal” or “I’m so bored” (repeat for the nth time). He wanted to go home na and hindi umaalis ang jeep. Imagine, more than an hour kami sa terminal ng jeep. Waah! 

Anyway, we ordered a Bunch of Lunch and Pannacotta. The presentation is not nice, ang layo niya sa picture. Tunaw na nung serve sa amin and the taste is just ok. It is not worth it for P115.


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    1. Yes, naging ok dun sa bagong antihistamine na binigay. Ayaw nga lang niya ng lasa. hehehe!

  2. Thank God at gumaling din agad. Dane has asthma and is allergic to dust at pag nasobrahan sa pagod, sa chicken, hinihika. Bawal sa seafood, kaya mejo inoobserve ko si Nate at baka nakuha ang sakit ng papa nya. so far, wala pa ako nakitang food allergies (hopefully, wala). Pero pag inuubo si Nate, delikado kasi hirap huminga minsan.

    1. Ang hirap ng may food allergy, masarap pa naman seafood. :) I was really surprised nung nagkared bumps kasi kumakain naman talaga siya ng tocino. Siguro, nasobrahan lang talaga. Scary nga pag hirap huminga pag may ubo.

  3. Thanks for this. I hope your son will not have that again and so pleasr wag din boys ko. When I was in college, I would have so many rashes as well that usually every month we were at the hospital. I even had flavor of the month (yes, funny name) which means rashes for that month. I remember I often take iterax which would make me real sleepy.