April 04, 2017

10 Things to Do at Macampao Beach and Leisure Farm

Summer is here and my mom is home so several days ago we were so preoccupied in searching for a summer destination. As usual, it is hard to look for resorts and hotels because it is peak season. My sister and sister-in-law were busy calling the resorts that I’ve suggested in Batangas and I’m trying to mock book online for a hotel or resort staycation in Tagaytay and Metro Manila but unfortunately, they are fully booked on our preferred date. It is not easy to book for 13 persons.  

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Staycation in Tagaytay

Then I remembered the resort that I bookmarked. I’ve learned about Macampao Beach and Leisure Farm in Chyng’s blog and I even suggested this to my husband for our wedding anniversary celebration pero hindi kami magkasundo kasi gusto niya sa Cabana but I want an air-conditioned room. I did not push with this plan because of his USA trip, alam ko may jetlag siya sa anniversary namin.  

March 23, I emailed the resort to inquire about the rates and if they can still accommodate us. 

March 24, On my way to Valenzuela, I read their reply and I was glad that there are still available rooms for our group. I immediately informed my mom about it and I reserved rooms. We’ve been waiting for their reply and I even called them for a follow-up. 

March 25, We did not receive any reply so we called them again for a follow-up, nagpapanic na kasi kami at one-weekend lang kami pwede lahat. So if hindi pwede sa Macampao, hanap kami ulit. Then after an hour, I received the confirmation email and we went to the bank to deposit the 50% downpayment. Emailed the copy of the deposit slip and my valid ID. Yehey, at last, the search is over.

Fast forward to April 1, since we live in Southern Luzon, we left before 4AM and we arrived at 9:36AM. You have to text the staff so they can open the gate for you so reservation is really needed.

While waiting for our family members, we ate snacks. We had suman with latik, bread, fruits, mango shake and coffee. Napawi ang gutom namin sa biyahe. :)

I initially booked 2 Casa Logoy and 2 sets of Hilid Salamin but there was a last-minute change on the day of our trip so upon arrival, I asked them if I can still change my reservation, which they gladly accommodated. So I booked 3 Casa Logoy and 1 set of Hilid Salamin

Room Rates 

Casa Logoy P8000 + 12% VAT for 2 persons 
1 set of Hilid Salamin (2 rooms) P12,800 + 12 % VAT for 4 persons 
Extra kid P1400 (3-12 yrs old) + 12% VAT
Extra Adult P2800 + 12% VAT 


Casa Logoy Room 

Our room is on the 4th floor of Casa Logoy. The room is very simple, you have a bed, side table, small cabinet, and bathroom. No TV and we cannot connect with the free wifi (di abot sa taas). But we don’t care about the wifi because we have an amazing view of the beach. TV is not a problem too because there are so many activities that you can do in the resort.

Toiletries are organic, we have Human Nature shampoo, conditioner, soap, and insect repellent. Since this is a leisure farm, it is important to apply insect repellent. 

Hilid Salamin Room 

Hilid Salamin has two rooms connected by a bathroom. My brother’s family stayed here since they are a group of 5. One queen-sized bed, 2 twin beds, and one extra mattress. What is nice about this room is the ceiling to floor windows where natural sunlight can go through


The room package includes full board meals, we have lunch, snacks, dinner, and breakfast. Honestly, we always look forward to our meal time because it is always a feast. They serve different kinds of seafood, meat, veggies, and fruits from their farm and fish pond. There is food for everyone, even picky eaters won't have any problem. They also serve fruits shake or juice every meal. 

We did not ask for the meal schedule and we just go to the dining room and wait. Sometimes we try to guess the food, pag may naaamoy kami. hehehe! There is no set menu also so it is always a surprise for us when they serve the food on the table. Happy tummy always. 

Foods below are serving for 6 persons except for the Grilled Maliputo and Turon.


Shrimp + Grilled Tanigue + Chicken Tinola + Clams + Watermelon + Mango Shake 


Turon + Mango Sauce and Calamansi Juice. 


Grilled Maliputo/Talakitok + Grilled Liempo + Grilled Squid + Pumpkin Soup + Mango + Mango Shake 

Dahil nagfishing kami, may additional kami na 7 grilled bangus. P300 per kilo + P250 cooking charge 


Food for everyone
Salted Egg with Tomato + Daing na Bangus + Eggplant + Bacon Wrapped + Bread + Boiled Kamote and Saba + Melon + Buko Juice. 

They gave additional hotdogs for the kids. Thanks! :)


Check-out is 11AM so we decided to eat lunch there before going home. P400 for adults and P200 for kids. 

Curacha with Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce + Blue Marlin Steak + Sayote + Sinigang na Pork + Watermelon + Mango Shake. And because of that full board meals, I know that I gained more pounds. 

10 Things to do in Macampao Beach and Leisure Farm

Another reason why we like Macampao resort is, that there are so many things to do. Adults and kids will never be bored. Macampao Beach and Leisure Farm is indeed a family-friendly resort, you can disconnect from the outside world and bond with your family. Some of their activities are good for the kids and you won’t experience this in other resorts.  

1. Swimming at the beach and inflatable pool 

The resort has no swimming pool but they provided inflatable pools for the kids. 

2. Fishing 

For the last few years, my son wanted to experience fishing but we just don’t know where to go. We went to Fun Farm Sta. Elena and Pangasinan pero wala naman nahuli na fish, hehehe! So my son was really happy when he caught two bangus. 

3. Horseback Riding 

After eating our merienda, off we went to the beach for horseback riding. 

4. Board Games 

After dinner, we played sungka and scrabble. 

5. Releasing of Baby Turtles 

The following morning, I’ve read the text message that there are baby turtles releasing activity at 6:30AM. So ginising ko na agad mag-ama ko and informed my family members. We were on the beach before 6AM, excited kami because first-time namin ito. 

I watched it on TV pero iba yung personal experience. It is so nice to see the baby turtles racing to the sea. Mabagal na race nga lang. Hehehe! We were lucky na natapat trip namin na meron baby turtles. :) 

6. Boating at the pond 

After breakfast, we went to the pond to experience boating. 

7. Bamboo Rafting 

My husband tried bamboo rafting. 

8. Kayaking 

Because of the big waves, my son did not join the kayak activity. He was busy playing with the sand.

9. Feeding the Pawikan

While preparing for check-out, my sister messaged me na meron Turtle feeding so I told my son to go down. 

10. Sports Game

You can play beach volleyball, beach soccer, badminton, frisbee, and billiards. My son and nephews played billiards, it was my son’s first time experience. 

We really enjoyed our weekend getaway at Macampao Beach and Leisure Farm. Mrs. Felix, one of the owners of the resort is very accommodating. We were all satisfied with the room, food and service. The place was not crowded so you can really relax and unwind. Indeed, it is a worry-free weekend, we just eat, sleep and enjoy. One thing is for sure, we will go back to this resort again. Thanks to my mom for the treat. 

Watch the video here

How to Get to Macampao Beach and Leisure Farm

The direction is available on their website. I printed the direction but my husband just relies on Waze for direction.

Macampao Beach and Lesiure Farm
Cabangan, Zambales


  1. Grabe don ako sa pagkain na excite! Kung di lang to malayo gusto ko puntahan eh

    1. True, nakakaexcite ang food. Malayo nga lang siya.

  2. Feast in the eye yung food... 😍😍😍. Mukhang maganda yung place and relaxing, glad to know you all enjoyed your stay, masubukan nga din. Welcome home ulet kay mommy joy!

    1. Yes, punta ka, for sure mag-enjoy si Caiden sa dami ng pwede gawin. :)

  3. waaaah ang sarap ng food!!! namiss ko! =)

  4. Love this place. I like that it isn't crowded. :) the food, oh my, haha ang sasarap. Love the cultural style of the resort. :)

    1. Yes, even the resort was fully booked, hindi siya mukhang crowded. Mapapansin mo na lang pag kainan na kasi puno yung dining area. :)

  5. Super worth it just by the food, nakakagutom! Love the rooms with natural light, type na type ko talaga mga floor to ceiling windows. :) Medyo weird question but where do you edit yung mga images mo with caption (like very 1st image on this entry)? Hehe, hope you don't mind.

  6. Uy, I like!!! It had me at the photo of the glass windows/doors overlooking the sea! I'm in the middle of looking for a resort for our post-summer getaway (we work heavily during the summer), and I hope this resort can accommodate us