June 22, 2017

The New BDO EMV Debit Card

Just this week I received a text message from BDO Unibank, “Your BDO ATM Debit Card ending XXXX has been replaced with EMV card free of charge. Please pick up at (insert branch). Thank you”. 

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I was surprised with the message because I did not request any card replacement so I check my ATM card and I noticed that my card was expiring this year so I thought that is the reason why they are replacing my card. 

I went to BDO to pick up my ATM, I was there before the branch open but the number I got is already #5. After several minutes, they called my number and I told them about the message that I received. They asked for my ATM card and they checked my record. 

I was advised that I need to update my record, the staff asked for 2 government IDs but I told her that I only have one. I was not informed that I need to update so I did not bring two IDs. But she told me to submit a copy of my second ID next time. So just in case, you received a message, just to be sure, bring two government IDs.

While filling out the form, I heard my seatmate asked the staff why they need to replace the ATM and the staff said, starting January daw pinapalitan na nila lahat ng ATM, yung with chip daw for added security. So that is the reason pala, hindi dahil mag-expire na yung ATM ko. 

It took me more than an hour just to pick-up my ATM but I was glad that I don’t need to wait anymore, the card was already there. And there is no fee to replace the ATM. 

I’ve read the information on the paper after I changed my pin number. The new BDO EMV Debit Card has an embedded chip for improved security. 

1. You can withdraw cash or pay bills with easy access to thousands of ATMs here and abroad. 
2. Shop, dine and gas up or do your groceries with ease. With just a tap, dip or swipe, you’re fully paid. 
3. For purchases below P2000, no need to swipe the card and key in your pin or sign. Just look for the contactless symbol and tap. 
4. Book a flight, a hotel room or even shop online with just a few clicks. Fast and simple.
5. Your BDO Debit Card is accepted worldwide.

Anyway, just in case the branch did not give you any instructions on how to change the pin, check the steps below.

How to Change the Pin

1. At BDO ATM, insert the card.
2. Choose Other Services.
3. Choose Pin Change
4. Enter the default pin 123456
5. Input new 6 digit pin
6. Re-input the new 6 digit pin

* Note the card can be used 24 hours after activation. 

BDO Fees and Charges 

Maintaining Balance 

Passbook with ATM Account - P10,000 
ATM Account Only - P2000 
Optimum Savings Account - P30,000 
Kabayan Savings Account - No maintaining balance as long as with remittance direct from abroad at least once a year 
Junior Savers (0-12 yrs old) - P100 
Prime Savers (Senior Citizens) - P2000 
Dollar Savings Account - USD500 

Withdrawal Transactions (ATM Machines) 

BDO ATM Machines - No Charge 
Other ATM Machines 
P15 per transaction (Withdrawal transactions)
P2 per transaction (Balance Inquiry) 
Maximum Withdrawal per Day P50,000 (BDO ATM Machine Only) 
Maximum Withdrawal per Transaction - P10,000 

Dormancy Fee 

No transactions within 2 years and falling below ADB (Peso and Dollar) - No Charge
No transactions within 5 years and falling below ADB Peso - P30 per month Dollar - USD 0.60 per month 

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Tax Reform Advisory

Effective January 1, 2018 new tax rates and cost of checkbook will be as follows based of the Tax Reform Package.

1. Withholding Tax on Interest for FCDU Accounts (USD/Third Currency Savings & Time Deposit) - 15%
2. Documentary Stamps Tax (DST)
- Debt Instrument  (Peso Time Deposit) P1.50/P200
- Checkbook P3.00/check
- Outward Foreign Telegraphic Transfer P0.60/P200
- Inward Foreign Telegraphic Transfer P0.60/P200
- Outward Foreign Currency Check Clearing P0.60/P200
3. Checkbook
Personal  P250
Commercial P500

Important Advisory

All non-EMV Chip BDO Debit Cards have expired as of January 31, 2018, and may no longer be used. For clients who have not yet claimed their new BDO EMV Debit Card, we urge you to get your new card from your branch.

For Payroll Account clients, deactivation of your non-EMV cards will start on March 1. Please coordinate with your HR for the distribution of your new BDO EMV Debit cards.

Para sa Kabayan Savings Accountholder, pwede mo nang makuha ang iyong libreng EMV card sa kahit saang BDO branch hanggang March 31, 2018. Kung ang itong card ay may EMV chip na, hindi mo na kailangan papalitan.


My mom was able to replace her Kabayan Savings Account, she went to BDO to request for it. For my son's Junior Savers Account, I did not receive any message so I went to BDO to request also. They asked for my son's ID and my two valid ID.


  1. Ako naman walang text. Kusa na akong nagpunta this week kasi nageerror na rin un card kapag nagwi-withdraw ako. Nagulat lang ako need i-surrender yung old atm card kaya 1 week ako hindi makakawithdraw via atm. Hehe.

    1. May ibang ATM machine nga daw na Di narerecognize yung walang chip na ATM kaya dapat palitan na daw. Ako din nashock na ginupit na agad ATM ko, good thing may card na agad at di na ko nagwait. Two weeks nga sinasabi nila sa mga wala pa ready na card. Nagbayad ka ba?

  2. The only BDO account I have so far is a Cash Card. I don't know if it also needs to be replaced. I haven't received any email from BDO yet.

    1. My husband has cash card too but we haven't received any message too.

  3. I'm glad banks are adding more security to their ATMs. The recent BDO and BPI fiasco made most of their clients worried. lol. I read about the different devices fraudsters use to get our info via the ATM and one of the comments said he has an app that turns on and turns off his ATM. So if he turns it off, no one else can withdraw it and he only turns it on when he needs to withdraw. I think that was really helpful, sana magkaganyan din dito sa Pinas.

    1. Yes, nakakaparanoid yung mga news na yan. So far, BPI has bank withdrawal notification. You can receive email or text if someone withdraws from your account. Pero maganda yang app na yan, sana meron na nga dito.

  4. As far as I know, all banks need to change all bank cards to a new card with EMV chip. This is a mandate by BSP. Mas protected ata the cards with EMV.

    1. I hope they will replaced all ATM cards, so far BDO pa lang ang napalitan ko na ATM.

  5. Pwedi po kayang ipa-change ung atm ko sa any bdo branch?

    1. Just visit your branch. My friend went to BDO and they replaced her ATM to EMV debit card without fee.

  6. nag balance inquiry sa BDO kahapon friend ko, unluckily, kinain atm nya. hindi rin masabi ng BDO branch why basta need daw i-replace atm nya kasi may scratch sa embedded chip. ha? added security but not convenient :(

    1. Aww, sad naman kung ichange agad ATM pag kinain.

  7. until when yung deadline? It is so time consuming kung sasadyain mo pa mismo magpapalit sa mismong branch kung saan ka nag open. Kaya hindi ko pa napapalitan yung akin. Sana wala pa naman deadline.

    1. So far, wala naman akong alam na deadline. But I noticed, they kept on sending message to pick up the ATM pag hindi agad nakuha.

  8. Paano ko iuupdate ung card ko if andito ako sa singapore..and until now wla p ko nahuhulog..someone please help me..ano b dapat gagawin ko..reply please..thanks a lot

    1. Contact BDO, they have email (check BDO website) and ask kung paano sa case mo na out of the country.

  9. Does it have mastercard/visa logo for online purchases? How much does it cost to get a debit card from BDO?

    1. Mastercard logo on ATM. I did not pay anything, they replaced my old card.

  10. I wonder paano naging mas secured ang card. Delikado manakaw. "For purchases below P2000, no need to swipe the card and key in your pin or sign. Just look for the contactless symbol and tap."

    1. I think, ito yung hawak mo ATM mo then itap lang. Pero scary nga kasi what if napulot yung ATM mo. Then maski sa credit card ngayon, may ibang malls and store na pag below 2K, hindi na nila pinapasign yung credit card slip.

  11. I have a locally issued BDO Kabayan card (no Mastercard or Visa logo). I'm still waiting for my EMV replacement card but now I'm not sure if they are also replacing the yellow ones or just the blue ones.

    1. My mom has a Kabayan card too and so far she haven’t received any message yet. I’m also waiting if they will replace the atm of Junior Savings Account. But I hope, they will replace all atms.

  12. hi there. pano po ung mga currently outside philippines? wala naman po announcement or instructions sakin,even through my email wla din po

    1. Hi, my mom did not receive any emails or SMS too but I'll inform her to change her ATM once she goes back to the Phil. The old ATM can no longer be used after January 31, 2018.

    2. My auntie, residing in the US, left her old BDO debit card with my mom, my auntie's older sister. The monthly SSS pension of my auntie is deposited to this debit card account for my mom to use. We recieved the info my auntie's old BDO debit card will not be accepted anymore after January 31, 2018. We called my auntie's BDO branch and was informed her new BDO EMV debit card is ready for pickup. The problem or BDO's policy is my auntie, her husband (my uncle), or her children are the only persons allowed to physcially get the new debit card. We asked, "If a letter of authorization or Special Power of Attoney with two valid IDs from my auntie will do?" No, It isn't allowed. "How about a video call from my auntie? SSS allowed it for its ACOP (i.e., Annual Confirmation of Pensioners)." No, it isn't also allowed. "Your auntie, uncle or any of her children must fly here to the Philippines to get the card or your mom waits until your auntie vacations again in the Philippines." was the branch manager's constant reply. My auntie vacationed here just last Dec 2016 and one of the things she did is open this BDO debit card account. I asked the branch manager, "If he or BDO can find a way because BDO's tagline is 'We Find Ways.' " He had no reply.

  13. ung mga peso kabayan po ba kailangan na rin papalitan?

    1. This is the advisory from BDO.


      We would like to remind you that all non-EMV Chip BDO Debit Cards may no longer be used after January 31, 2018.

      Since the third quarter of 2016, BDO has been working to ensure clients are able to make the shift to the EMV Chip Debit Card.

      For clients who have not yet claimed their new BDO EMV Debit Card, we urge you to get your new card from your branch before January 31.

      For Kabayan and Payroll Account clients, usage from your non-EMV chip card will still be accommodated. Please contact your branch for inquiries."