September 27, 2017

Ice Cream in Norway

One of the reasons why I gained weight last summer is because I always eat cakes and ice cream. My mom always bakes a cake every weekend, I already shared my two favorite cakes in Norway, the World’s Best Cake and Pavlova. Not only that, she also buys ice cream because my son and I love ice cream. There are also cake that you need to put ice cream on top para mas masarap. Magdiet ka pa ba?

Yes, even we are freezing cold during our stay, we can’t help but eat their ice cream. Is or ice cream in Norway are really yummy. Though I’ve seen popular brands like Ben & Jerry and Haagen Daaz in their supermarket, we still prefer other brands because it is cheaper din. I can eat those ice cream here in the Philippines but the ice cream of Norway, bihira. As of this writing, I'm missing these foods, so for now, Arce Dairy muna kami. Hehehe!

So if you are going to Norway, don’t forget to try this ice cream. 

Diplom-Is is owned by Tine, a Norwegian manufacturer of ice cream and other dairy products. We tried their Krokan, Vanilla, 3 in 1 flavor and cone ice cream. 

Krokan is a caramelized sugar mixed with butter and almonds, it is similar to brittle that we know here in the Philippines, maybe ito yung sosyal na version. Hehehe! They have Krokan ice cream flavor too and it is my stepdads favorite flavor. 

Sometimes, my mom will buy the 3 in 1 ice cream pero naiiwan lang lagi yung strawberry flavor. So we made strawberry-banana smoothie para hindi sayang.  

My most favorite ice cream brand is Royal (Diplom-Is) because it is creamy and I like their flavor, so far we have tried Vanilla, Kaffe Mocca, Skjokalade and Skogsbaer and Skjokolade flavor

My son likes the cone ice cream of Diplom-Is and Hennig-Olsen. Hennig-Olsen Is is another brand of ice cream in Norway. It is a family-owned ice cream factory in Kristiansand, Norway. 

What is your favorite ice cream in Norway?


  1. Natikman ko to lahat. Ang sarap ng ice cream sa norway no? Yung soft served ice cream nila (Softis) Ang sarap! Kahit yun sa ikea at burger king na ice cream ang sarap

    1. Nakakamiss nga yung ice cream nila. Kung pwede lang mag-uwi kaso matutunaw. hehehe!

  2. OMGGGGG this made a pregnant woman drooling haha! Everything looks delish! Aren't some of these brands available locally? Like maybe in SnR or Landers?

  3. I love ice cream! Ang daming ice cream variants dyan ah. Mukang masarap pa lahat. No doubt nga talagang tataba sa kaka-try ng lahat. Tapos dagdagan pa ng cake. Yummy! :)

  4. I am out of words (lol). I am not an ice cream person, but I am willing to try them all. Everything looks so creamy and delicious.