December 05, 2017

4 Places Everyone Must Add To Their Fishing List

Fishing is a low-stress physical activity that keeps your body moving for hours at a time. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to unwind after a hectic schedule, you should consider fishing. With fishing, not only do you get the opportunity to cook a meal that could give seafood restaurants a run for their money, but you also get the chance to spend time in the outdoors. If you want to increase your chances of catching delicious fish, we would advise you to visit the 4 places mentioned below. Visit the site,, for detailed information on fishing. 

1. Florida Keys, Florida 

If you want to enjoy a heavenly fishing experience, you must pay a visit to Florida Keys. Many visitors even charter a boat and head to the deep seas of the Atlantic Ocean, caught in the warm Gulf Stream, to catch some of the most exotic fishes in the world; some of these fishes include swordfish, sailfish, and white marlin etc. However, if you aren't feeling too adventurous and would rather fish from the coast, you will still be able to catch fishes such as permit, snook, bonefish, redfish, and tarpon etc. You shouldn't be too disheartened if you fail to get any bite; there isn't a dearth of great sea restaurants in the region.

2. Kona, Hawaii 

Professional anglers and recreational anglers alike love fishing in the waters of Kona in Hawaii. If you love deep-sea fishing, you will love this place as the depth is just a few kilometers outside of the harbor. How deep is the area? Well, it bottoms out at 6,000 feet below. So, what fishes can you expect to catch here? You can catch tuna, ono, and even sharks! And, of course, the views are quite breathtaking as well. 

3. Bighorn River, Montana

If you consider yourself a fly fishing enthusiast, you must pay a visit to the Bighorn River in Montana. Although most parts of the river are inaccessible as they pass through private property, the fishing spots that are accessible are worth braving the crowds for. The river is filled with brown trout; however, if you are lucky, you may even be able to catch prized rainbows. 

4. Kobuk River, Alaska 

Are you tired of catching the same fishes again and again? If you are, you should perhaps head north for rarer catches; you should consider paying a visit to the Kobuk River in Alaska. The river is over 200 miles long and is a hotbed for fishes such as lake trout, chum salmon, arctic grayling and northern pike etc. However, if you truly want to boast about your fishing adventures in Alaska to your friends, you must attempt to catch the river´s true prize, the sheefish.

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  1. Great selection of fishing destination. I haven't experienced fishing yet. I hope someday I get to visit one of those places.