January 23, 2018

New Year and New Eyeglasses

I knew that I need to have an annual eye check-up but I always delay my check-up. I even mentioned in my old post that I should give importance to my eyes but I’m not doing it. Why? Because I’m aware that going to an ophthalmologist means new eyeglasses again and it means additional expense.

Suddenly, I realized na naka-3 palit na anak ko ng eyeglasses in a span of two years pero ako, I’m still wearing the same eyeglasses so last month, I took advantage of the holiday break and off we went to the doctor. I underwent the same process again and my doctor advised me that I need to change my eyeglasses.

They can’t explain to me, how fast nag-increase yung grado ko because almost two years akong hindi bumalik. But so far, my eyes are okay naman, tumaas nga lang grado ko. So from 175 and 100, 250 and 175 na.

After my check-up, we went to different optical shops so I could check the price of frames and lens. I didn’t find anything I like and there are eyeglasses that I like pero hindi pasok sa budget ko. I decided that I will use the same frame, lens na lang papalitan ko but the staff told me that it will take a few days pa. I’m dependent with my eyeglasses so I don’t think kaya ko ng ilang days na walang salamin so we went home, nag-isip isp muna ko.

Starfinder Optical Festival Mall

After two weeks, we went to Starfinder Optical in Festival Mall, my friend suggested this Optical Shop, sabi niya kasi may murang eyeglasses daw dun. She even said, meron din sa SM Sta Rosa, I told her na nanggaling na ko sa SM pero hindi ko napansin yung Starfinder. Actually, hindi ko rin alam kung saan ang Starfinder Optical sa Festival. Hehehe!Buti na lang nakita namin, nakatago pala siya.

Starfinder Optical was established in 2007 and it has now 15 branches all over the Philippines and Korea. Starfinder Optical is not an ordinary optical shop, they consider themselves as a fashion lifestyle store. They are offering eyewear, not only to correct the vision but they make sure that the eyeglasses will complement your personal style.

True enough, I’ve seen a lot of style and color of eyeglasses from kids up to senior citizens at a reasonable price. One thing I like, you can buy eyeglasses for P500 only. I’ve seen a lot of optical shops na nagsale or offer ng P500 eyeglasses but when you check, wala ka naman mapili. While checking the eyeglasses, napaisip ako na bakit ang mahal ng eyeglasses ko dati, e parang may kapareho sa P500 lang.

Actually, dito lang ko sa P500 namili. Hehehe! The staff just let me choose and try different eyeglasses, wala nakabuntot sa akin. I only asked the staff if I need some information. After several minutes of checking and trying eyeglasses, I asked the staff if I could get my eyeglasses on the same day and she said yes, but when I told her about the Crizal Prevencia, ioorder pa daw nila.

My lens is Crizal Prevencia because I always use computer and gadget. Crizal Prevencia Lens will protect my eye against harmful blue light and UV.

Staff: Ma’m bakit di niyo pa iupgrade yung lens niyo, konti na lang idagdag niyo.
Me: Magkano yung isang lens?
Staff: P3000

I asked my husband if okay lang na yung Crizal Eyezen na lang kunin ko and he said yes. So I went back to the staff and I told her, sige yung Eyezen na lang. I gave her my prescription and then she asked my age.

Staff: Ay mam, sorry hindi na pala P3k yung lens niyo. Lagpas na kayo sa age bracket. P4600 na siya.

Eyezen+ 0 - patients age 17 and under
Eyezen+ 1 - patients age 18 to 34
Eyezen+ 2 - patients age 35 to 44
Eyezen+ 3 - patients age 45 to 50

Waah! If I knew it, sana pala before pa ko nag birthday nagpacheck na ko. So P500 + P4600 = P5,100, sobra sa budget ko so I declined and I told her that I will stick to Crizal Prevencia Lens. I paid P3000 using my credit card then she asked me to sign something. When I read the paper, I saw Less Senior/PWD ID so I told the staff that I have a PWD ID, so she computed my discount. Since I paid using my credit card, ang hirap bawiin ng sobra so I told her that I will go for Crizal Eyezen, nagdagdag na lang ko ng konti. Thanks to my PWD discount.

And because I chose Crizal Eyezen, the optometrist still checked my eyes, she did some measurement and maski yung eyeglasses ko, sinulatan pa. Sinusukat daw niya yung eye focus. Anyway, to give you an idea, Eyezen lenses are enhanced lens that will protect your eyes from computers, TV, and smartphone. It will make your eyes relaxed, focus and gives clearer and sharper vision.

Crizal Eyezen Complete Protection

1. Optimal UV Protection
2. Repels water
3. Resists smudges
4. Anti-reflection
5. Resist scratches (2x more scratch resistant)
6. Repels dust
7. Harmful Blue Light Protection (reduces the risk of AMD)
8. Light Scan Technology (Protects Against Harmful Blue Light)
9. Wave technology (sharper, clearer vision) 
10. Eyezen Focus (comfortable, relaxed vision) 

I was able to get my eyeglasses after few days, the timeframe is 3-5 days. They always give you an authenticity card na wala sa ordinary lenses. When I tried my eyeglasses, I immediately noticed that it is clear, mas maliwanag paningin ko. Let see if I will stick to this lens or I will go back sa Crizal Prevencia para mas mura. Hehehe!

Update: October 2019

This is the third time that we went to Starfinder and I was a little bit disappointed kasi ang tagal na ng pagpapagawa ng salamin. Dati kasi 3-5 days lang, ngayon after 9 days na yung release date nila and night before the release date, we received a text that the eyeglasses is ready for pick-up. On a happy note, they gave us a 20% discount voucher code and sabi nila wala expiration so next year magagamit ito ng anak ko since every year naman kami nagpapalit.

P1390 (kid's frame) + P3900 (Crizal Prevencia Fog ID) = P5290

Starfinder Optical 
2/L Festival Supermall
Alabang, Muntinlupa City


  1. Hay... Mahal talaga ng eye glasses. My eye grades are higher both 400, so I really cannot function without my eye glasses. I always have a back up eye glasses kahit isang back up lang. Kasi baka masira yung isa mahirap na.

    1. Ang taas nga ng grade mo. Mahal ng eyeglasses noh, added expense talaga sa atin malalabo mata. Hindi ko pa naisip yang back-up eye glasses.

  2. Hi! any feedback if durable ang frame ng starfinder? thanks a lot!

    1. Hi, I’m still using my P500 frame. :) Sa tingin ko okay naman siya, dun din ko bumili two months ago para sa anak ko.