February 08, 2018

School Field Trip: To Go or Not To Go

School field trip or educational tour is one of the activities in school that allows students to go out the campus. It provides opportunities to students to see and visit new places, try and learn different activities and apply what they have learned in class.

When I was young, I love joining Field Trip because that is my chance to visit new places. But as far as I can remember, hindi uso sa mga pinasukan ko yung Field Trip so I only joined four field trips, one in preschool, two in elementary and one in high school. And until now, I can still remember those trips.

Now that I’m a mom, I’m not fond of field trips because I always consider the fee, the places and safety of my son. My son has been studying for 6 years already and we did not join all the field trips. Whenever I received a letter, I always ask myself “to go or not to go


We did not join the field trip because when I checked the itinerary, we’ve already been there. It so happened that we joined my nephew’s and nieces Field Trip when he was two years old so napuntahan na namin ang iba like Philippines Science Centrum.


Gardenia Plant Tour 
Alice in Wonderland
Manila Ocean Park 

When I saw the list, I was hesitant to join because we’ve been to Manila Ocean Park na tapos ang mahal ng field trip fee, multiply to three. But since this is the first field trip experience of my son, we joined.


Ocean Adventure 
San Guillermo Church 
Duty-Free Shops

Again, I was hesitant to join because we’ve just visited the Ocean Adventure 8 months prior to his Field Trip, only one chaperone is allowed so I don’t know kung kakayanin ko na kami lang mag-ina and it was also my son’s birthday so sa field trip kami magcelebrate? But since, I already paid his field trip and this is my last chance to accompany my son, we celebrated his birthday in Subic.

Grade 1 

SOS Children’s Village 
Rave of Pasig 
Repertory Philippines
PAF Museum 

I already paid the field trip since this is part of the tuition but my son doesn’t want to join when he learned that no chaperone is allowed. I can’t blame him because he is not used to it. And I’m thankful also that he did not join because I know na maloloka lang ko kakaisip. Read the story here.

Grade 2 

Philippine Science Centrum 
Manila Boystown 

Last school year, my son doesn’t want to join because he was still scared to join without a chaperone but I persuaded him to join because I already paid for it. Nung grade 1 hindi na siya sumama, every year na lang ba masasayang bayad ko. Lol.

I convinced him to join the field trip but I’m still a paranoid mom, I don’t know if my son can manage without us. So I bought cellphone so we can call or text him and nagconvoy din kami. He did not know na susundan namin siya so he was really surprised when he saw me at the PHILVOCS. Read the story here.

Grade 3 

Shakey’s Pizza at SM MOA 
Dolljoy Gallery & Museum 
PAF Museum 
Shrine of Jesus, WTL 

If you remember my previous post, I was surprised when I learned that I need to pay Field Trip fee. For the last three years kasi included na siya sa tuition so I have no idea na hindi na pala siya kasama, to think na 5-digits ang increase ng tuition this school year. But my son wanted to join their field trip.

Kung ako lang masusunod, I will not allow him to join because I don’t like their itinerary. My son knows how to make pizza na, he did this many times already, sa bahay at sa Kidzania. You can check the video here. Then PAF Museum, again? This is part of the itinerary when my son was in Grade 1, good thing my son did not join that field trip so bago pa sa kanya ngayon.

Second, I will always be a paranoid mom, sa dami ng mga dinudukot na bata ngayon, nakakatakot ipasama anak ko sa Field Trip. But my son wanted to go and my husband approved it, ako lang magiging kontrabida. So I let him joined and paid the fee.

Yesterday was my son’s field trip. Ang dami ko bilin.

1. Don’t talk to strangers.
2. Follow the teachers and tour guide, wag kung san-san nakatingin at baka mawala.
3. Be with your partner always.
4. Don’t leave your bag unattended and wag mo aalisin ang body bag mo sa katawan.
5. Inform us kung nasan na kayo.
6. Don’t forget to take pictures.
7. Have fun.

If last year, nagconvoy pa kami, this time wag na daw kami sumunod. Oh no! I have tweenager na talaga. Hatid at sundo na lang daw siya. My son took some pictures but I find it funny kasi blurred naman iba, so sa konti ng pictures niya, I will just share kung ano yung maayos.

He bought a stuffed toy at Dolljoy Gallery and Museum and he took home the pizza that he made at Shakey’s. My son enjoyed his Field trip and I’m glad that he came home safe and sound. Next year, I know that I will ask myself again, "to go or not to go".

How about you? Do you allow your kids to join Educational Tour or Field Trip?


  1. Since KG, I never had chaperones for field trips. We were 20-30 in each class, all girls. I love field trips even until now. As a child, I/my classmates maybe never thought of the danger of going along with the rest of the bunch. I used to look at parents outside, in their own car, along with their kids, in a quizzical manner. It felt strange to me like "Why wouldn't they allow their kids to mingle with us? It's so fun inside the bus! We were all singing, sharing stories, sooooo happy." I felt bad for the children who were not inside the bus. hahaa

    Anyway, now that I'm a parent, I FEEL YOU. hahah I have become the parents in the car. Well, my kids are still in KG and nursery so we still go with them, plus it's just a daycare...but I've asked myself those haunting questions din. Kapag malaki na kya sila, kaya kaya ng school na samahan sila? Baka may mangyari..hahaha So I completely understand where you are coming from. Plus, we have been to most places, but I've observed that being in those places with their friends and classmates give a different memory/ experience with them. Way too different from their experience while they were with us in the same place. hahah kainis. minsan masa masaya yung sa friends nila. hahaha.

    SO yeah, that's a legit question especially for moms who are stay at home moms. =)

    1. Nung nursery lang ko may chaperone, the rest wala na rin pero dito sa anak ko parang di ko makapante pag di ko kasama. Hehehe! Same kayo ni hubby, sabi ko kasi we can go there naman sa mga places na yun pero sabi ni hubby, iba experience with classmates kaya payagan na. :)

  2. True to the dame nadudukot! Last weekend my niece goes to a Tagaytay trip c/o our church. And mga kasama nya lang is her ate (my pamangkin too w/c is a few yrs older than her) and jus like you, sobrang ang dame kong bilin! My kids are not attending schools yet but if in any case hindi din siguro ako papayag kasi knowing my kids na sobrang makukulit baka mamaya hindi nila mabantayan sa sobrang dame ng bata.

    1. Yun din worry ko kaya nung Grade 1, natuwa ko nung ayaw sumama ng anak ko kasi parang ang bata pa niya para hayaan ko na wala chaperone.

  3. Ay gusto ko yung sinundan nyo sya! haha. I certainly understand yung hesitation mo. Kahit siguro ako, di rin ako mapapalagay. Lalo na ngayon na ang daming nadudukot na mga bata. But field trips sound exciting for me so we might join that pag nag school na si Nate. I don't know lang din kung kailan ako papayag na sya nalang at wala ng chaperone. lol.

    1. Paranoid mom kasi kaya nagconvoy kami para sure ko na hindi maiwanan ng bus. hehehe!

  4. Nakakatakot nga naman talaga kapag naglalalabas ang mga anak natin, kahit may kasama nga e nadudukot pa rin, nakakaloka. Ang hirap talaga. I'm excited na magschool na si Edmund pero nakaligtaan ko yung mga scary parts like this. Siguro kung sakin, papayagan ko siya sa mga field trips basta either kasama ako or may chaperone na talagang magaalaga sa kanya ng maayos, aba, mahirap na no!

    1. True, kahit may kasama na, nadudukot pa rin. Sana nga may chaperone pa rin from grade 1 to 3 kasi bata pa rin mga yan.