May 23, 2018

Buffet Breakfast at The Eatery

One thing that I look forward every time we stay in a hotel is buffet breakfast. At home, we eat light breakfast but when we are traveling, we need to eat a lot so we have the energy for our next adventure. And of course, breakfast buffet rate is not cheap so diet is off every time we travel.

Most of the hotels include complimentary buffet breakfast for two and a half rate for the kid. During our trip to Bangkok, Thailand, we stayed at Four Points by Sheraton and we had buffet breakfast at The Eatery. You can already see this restaurant once you enter the hotel. It is an all-day dining restaurant so you can eat breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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I can’t remember if the rate is gross or nett but as far as I can remember, buffet breakfast for Adult is THB550 and Kid is THB275. A bit expensive especially for my son who only eats cereals or bread and few pieces of bacon or sausage.

The Eatery restaurant is not that big and the interiors are not that intimidating compared to other hotels. It is bright and colorful. They serve local and international dishes like Western, Japanese, Thailand, Chinese and others so I’m pretty sure that there is something for your preference. Since we stayed there for five nights, we are eating buffet breakfast for five days too, so as expected we gained a lot of pounds after our trip.

The Eatery restaurant has different stations, they have bread, omelet, noodles, drinks, salad, cold cuts, soup, dim sum and cereals stations. I’m glad that they serve soft and crispy bacon because I prefer soft bacon. I love their omelet too because they are using mozzarella cheese. For five days, 65% of the menu are staples so we ate almost the same thing every day. I have no problem with that because we liked their bacon, omelet, noodles, stir-fry meat and fish at the Japanese station.

One thing I liked in their buffet breakfast is I can try different cuisines especially the Thai dishes. We enjoyed our dining experience. Food is delicious and service is also good.

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