May 25, 2018

Terminal 21: Travel-Themed Shopping Mall in Bangkok

Bangkok is known for shopping, many people say that it is nice to shop in Bangkok because clothes, foods and other stuff are budget friendly. I cannot deny that because there are so many shopping malls that I’ve seen during our visit. We stayed at Four Points by Sheraton and the nearest shopping malls are Time Square Building Mall, Terminal 21 and Robinson. There is a supermarket that is open for 24 hours so there is no reason for you to be hungry. These malls are just a few minutes walk from our hotel.

On our first day, we immediately went to Terminal 21, I am familiar with this mall because most of the time, this is the view from my husband’s room if he stays in Sheraton Grande. But I have no idea what is inside of the mall so I was really surprised when we entered Terminal 21.

The mall is so big and high. It is a nine-storey building and they have the longest escalator in Thailand, around 36 meters so nakakalula. Terminal 21 is a travel-themed shopping mall, now I know why it is called Terminal 21 because it features world-famous cities under one roof. So it is like traveling the world, each floor has its own theme.

Lower Ground - Carribean Beach Town
Ground Floor - Rome
Mezzanine Floor - Paris
First Floor - Tokyo
Second Floor - London
Third Floor - Istanbul
Fourth Floor - San Francisco City
Fifth Floor - San Franciso Pier
Sixth Floor - Hollywood Studio

We visited each floor just to take some pictures. This is our most visited mall because there is direct access from BTS Skytrain and it is walking distance from our hotel.

From Terminal 21, we went to River City Complex for our Chao Phraya Princess Dinner River Cruise.

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Terminal 21 
Opening hours: 10:00 to 22:00
Sukhumvit Road


  1. Haven’t been to Bangkok. I love going to malls, much more if we are overseas. I just love window shopping though, and taking pictures. 😁

  2. This place is wonderful. Instagram worthy ang lahat ng sulok ng mall ��
    Will need to remind myself to drop by, when we head off to Thailand (hopefully soon).

  3. Wow! A nine storey for a mall? Bangkok is indeed the place to shop. I remember my mom used to travel a lot in Bangkok and sell the items here. its a lucrative business. I remember i would often cry and miss her but when she comes back, she always has new earrings and things for me and im one happy kid again.

  4. Oh wow! I was just saying in another blog that I've not thought about Bangkok and now I'm starting to look into it and see if it's another travel destination for the bucket list.

    9-storey mall? And I thought we own the biggest mall in the world.