June 01, 2018

The Top 5 Push Presents for a New Mom

Carrying a child in the womb is no easy feat and make that nine months. For the mom who is expecting a child, giving birth is only a part of the job. Giving birth, which can only take a moment or not, is not an easy thing to do. It needs a lot of pushing and pain and a lot more pushing. That is why a so-called push present is usually given by the child’s father to the mother to show appreciation for all the pushing she has done to deliver the baby.

A push present is in fact not needed when a baby is born because the baby itself is the greatest gift a mother (and a father) could have, a gift of life. Apparently, some still choose to show their love and gratitude by giving an actual gift. Read on for some push present ideas to surprise a new mom.

1.  A Stylish Diaper Bag 

Diaper bags nowadays have many designs to choose from. Look for one which is fashionable but can still carry all the baby and mom’s essential stuff. When having a baby, traveling light is not a possibility. Mom will be utterly grateful to receive something which she can carry in style with a baby in tow. And who knows, it may still look great even after the diaper days are done.

2.  Custom Shirt or Mug 

Push presents need not be fairly expensive. The effort that a new mom exerts by carrying the baby for nine months and the intense labor cannot be equaled by any material gift. Thus, a custom shirt or mug which says it all may be a bigger surprise for her than any pricey gift.

3.  Memory Book 

We cannot deny that all babies are cute and all new moms dote on their little ones so much so, capturing every moment they possibly can. In this digital age, that is possible, and yet it is still more charming to look at a photo book where you can actually flip the pages. It gives a more intimate feel to it that a new mom would probably relish from baby’s birth to forever. While you are into giving a physical photo book, why not pair it with a camera which can instantly print? Your push presents will be highly appreciated.

4.  A Spa Day Certificate 

After the exhaustion of giving birth and carrying a heavy bundle for many months, moms need time for relaxation. More than any material gifts, new moms would probably appreciate some personal time away from mommy duties. Daddy can take care of the baby at home while mom is away on a spa/massage treat.

5.  Jewelry 

No need to go overblown when expressing gratitude to your spouse for bringing out your baby into the world. But when you’ve got money to spare, jewelry as a push present is a great way to show your gratefulness. In a way, it also shows how special a new mom is and reminds of the day your little bundle was born each time she wears them.

Now that you have several ideas of what push presents to give, you can now decide which one will be special for your spouse and of course within your budget. A push present need not be costly as you may need to spend on more important things when the baby comes out, just a great gesture that you are eternally grateful.

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