July 12, 2018

14 Activities in One Day at Kidzania Manila

Update: I've read from CNN Philippines article last July 22 that Kidzanila Manila is closing down by end of August 31, 2020 after months of shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

My aunt-in-law’s family was back in the Philippines last May, it’s been years since their last visit here. My husband’s cousin is only 9 years old, the same age as my son so he asked his aunt if they are interested to visit Kidzania and they said yes. So my son and I went back to Kidzania Manila to accompany them. I always pay regular tickets but last summer, they have an ongoing promo for walk-in so I got 20% discount care of my Get Go Card or Mercury Drug Suki Card.

Tip: Always check their Facebook Page so you are updated in their promos.

It is no secret here that my son loves Kidzania, this is our fourth visit in Kidzania Manila and we had just visited Kidzania Bangkok last April but there are still a lot of activities that he hasn’t tried. If Kidzania is just so near, I will avail their UnliPazz last summer vacation. My son wanted din na sa Kidzania Field Trip nila. Hindi niya favorite noh? They were able to do 14 activities during their visit.

14 Activities in One Day at Kidzania Manila 

Watch the video here.

1. Job at National Bookstore
2. Job at Healthy Options
3. Job at Mercury Drug
4. Pit Crew Training
5. Burger Shop
6. Jack n Jill
7. Cooking School
8. Century Tuna Marine Research Lab
9. CSI
10. Pilot
11. Driving Lessons
12. Driving Test
13. BS Engineering and Architecture
14. Window Washing

The new activities that he tried; jobs at National Bookstore and Century Tuna Marine Research Lab. He went to Healthy Options and Mercury Drug before but when he went back, he got a new job. For Jack n Jill and Cooking School, they prepare a new snack. So it is okay to revisit establishment so you can try different jobs that they offer.

My son went to Driving School again because his Driver’s License was already expired, when he first took the Driving Test, it was only a written exam but now, may practical exam na rin sila. Hehehe! There is a separate car for the driving test. I hope there is a monitor at the Aviation so we can watch the kids just like in Kidzania Bangkok.

My son took BS Engineering and Architecture lessons but after getting his degree, his last job was Window Washer. Hehehe! That was the last activity na pasok pa sa time before the closing. We still have a long list of activities so I’m definitely sure that we will visit again. Other courses are Business Administration, Health Sciences, and Humanities and Arts.

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