September 05, 2018

4 Ways to Plan for an Epic Gender Reveal Party

Most parents go for an anatomy scan ultrasound to check the gender of their unborn child before finally making the big reveal to their close friends and relatives. Holding a gender reveal party is a great way of coming together and having an epic moment with your friends and family. There are many different ways that you can plan for a gender reveal party, but let’s look at four ways to make it smooth and fun.

Come up with a theme 

Pick a theme that you love and that will most suit you depending on whether you will have a combined gender reveal event or not.  Choose suitable decorations like napkins and table centerpieces with bright colors and décor. If you will be holding the party in your home ensures that the colors blend well with your home interior décor.

Pick on balloons, images or any type of theme that you feel will make the day brighter and fun. You can also include a few games where people are grouped in teams if you like to make it more fun for those attending.

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Create a guest list 

Gender reveal parties are not for everyone in your neighborhood so select a few of your closest friends and relatives and make a list of the number of people attending. Gender reveal parties are more fun when they are smaller. This way you will be able to plan better on the food and any other activities that you might need for the party.

Start with the people that are the first priority before narrowing down to any additional friends. Having determined who will be on the list, decide on a date and send out the invites at least a month earlier to help people plan for the big reveal. This will also give you ample times to receive feedback, know who will make it and who will not.

Get help 

Planning for any event can be tough, especially if you are doing all the planning alone so get some help. This can be in terms of ideas on how to make the day more special or for putting up the decorations. Get friends and family to help you out with the preparations so that everything goes smoothly and you don’t end up looking tired and exhausted on the day when you are supposed to be having memorable moments.

Document the event 

It is always good to have memorable moments shared with your loved ones. Have a camera or photographer to capture the moments in pictures or videos. You can either hire a photographer or videographer or find someone who will do it for you. This will leave you with memories of the day that you can always look back to and enjoy in the future as a family.

A gender reveal party needs to be fun, enjoyable and memorable so pick on the best games, people an activity to engage in. This can be depending on the gender or not, but ensure that everyone has fun on that day before you finally reveal the gender to them. Get more Gender Reveal Ideas for an epic party with your loved ones.

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