September 19, 2018

5 Tips for Decorating Ceramic Christmas Trees

Are you an artsy or a creative person? Then ceramic Christmas trees are perfect for you. With them, creating your own unique holiday tree with elements that fit your taste the best is easy. These materials can enable you to do your décor in the color, style, and theme of your choice. Ceramic Christmas trees can make your imagination reach beyond the skies. You could either pin tiny light bulbs on the trees or paint the tree with your preferred color and glue small ornaments on it. It all depends on your creativity and what you’d like to achieve.

1. Every Tree Needs a Theme 

If you’re a crafty person and enjoy customizing things so much, then decorating ceramic Christmas trees is something you’d love. These trees are suitable for painting any color you want. Apart from the classic Christmas colors, you can choose from a wide range of tones. For the children’s bedroom, the best decor would constitute of either a pale pink or pale blue tree. A great fit for your kitchen would be yellow and for a parent’s bedroom turquoise. Other trendy colored trees are also available and they include hot pink, purple, rainbow, and painted.

2. Positioning Matters 

Wherever you’re going to have much of your Christmas action, place the tree at the center of it. Whether it’s in the living room or out in the garden, your family and friends can enjoy better if they can see the masterpiece as the focal point of their celebrations.

3. Bring in Both New and Old 

Ceramic Christmas trees come without ornaments. Therefore, they leave room for you to choose what you’d want to put on them. Combine varying sizes of pink vintage ornaments with new white dove decorations to create that whimsical feel. You could also use an over-the-top bow and a traditional star to complement the tree’s color palette.

4. Create Memories 

Attach old photos to the ceramic Christmas tree using mini clothespins to display your favorite memories. It’s best to use photographs that have black-and-white finishes so as to attain cohesiveness. If you have some small papers with past Christmas messages, tag them to the tree to add more personalization.

5. Decorate Even When It’s Not Christmas Time 

Ceramic Christmas trees come white and without ornaments, making it easy to turn them into whatever holiday trees you desire. Therefore, you could decorate the trees during any season instead of waiting for the end of the year. There are endless possibilities that only your imagination can limit. Here are some ideas for a few holidays: ·     

- To get a Mardi Gras tree, use purple paint together with gold and green ornaments ·     
- For a Halloween tree, paint black and use orange and white ornaments ·    
- For Valentine’s Day, use pink paint and glue red and white ornaments ·    
- For an Easter tree, use green paint and glue chicks, bunnies, and eggs ·    
- For the 4th of July, paint the tree blue and glue or pin red and white ornaments


A ceramic Christmas tree can present you with innumerable opportunities to grow your imagination while having fun and memorable moments. You could also create your personal and customized décor no matter the time of year.

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