November 02, 2018

10 Questions to Ask Any TEFL School Before Enrolling in their TEFL Class

Teaching English abroad can be a great adventure. You get to live in a foreign country which is an experience that can shape the way you see the world. Therefore, if you are going to invest your time and money in a TEFL certification class, you have to be sure that the course you chose will give you the best training and support to help you get a great job teaching English abroad.

The following are 10 of the most important questions to ask a TEFL school before enrolling to determine if the school is right for you;

1. Are Your TEFL Courses Accredited and Do They Meet International Standards? 

Just as you would not attend a non-accredited university, you should ensure that the TEFL course you plan to take is accredited. Accreditation ensures that the training you get from the institution meets the recognized standards and that you will get the necessary training to teach English on a professional level. The training you get from an accredited institution will also maximize your chances in the job market anywhere in the world like

2. What is the total cost of the course and why? 

It is obvious that you will inquire about the total cost of the course; you must know how much of an investment you have to make to become a certified English teacher. But you must also remember to ask why the course is priced as it is. This is important because some courses come with added benefits that are factored into the overall cost of the program. These include things like job placement assistance, extra related modules, the cost of books and other materials and the availability of pre-enrollment advice and guidance. Knowing what is included in the total cost of the course will help you determine its value.

3. Are Causes Taught by Actual Professors? 

It is also very important that the teachers of the course by qualified professors. If you are going to be a qualified teacher, it is vital that you are taught by a qualified teacher, right? Ask about the credentials of the instructors at the school to determine if have at least a Master’s or PhD in TESOL or related field.

4. Can I Get a Job and a Work Visa in a Foreign Country? 

If the school’s representatives cannot provide you with credible information about the job market abroad or answer basic questions about the international job market, they may not be the ideal place to enroll. Pay a TEFL school that understands everything you need about job placement and travel since this knowledge demonstrates that they have done it before.

5. Does the Course Include Live Practice Teaching? 

If you want to a full-time paid professional English teacher abroad, you must enroll in a TEFL course that offers live practice teaching of real students. Most employers will only go for candidates with the necessary hands-on experience that you can only get from live practice training.

6. Do you Provide Job Placement Assistance? 

You must also ask if the institution will provide you with tefl job placement assistance. Follow up question will help you determine what kind of assistance you can expect to get from them. Is the service free? Is job placement assistance lifetime or does it have an expiry date?

7. Do you Have Alumni Network and Services? 

If you can correspond and network with a former student of the center, you will have the necessary support system to ensure that you can easily navigate the transition from student to teacher.

8. Can You Provide More Information about TEFL Certification to help me make a decision? 

Before you can even enroll for the course, the TEFL school should be able to provide you with information about TEFL certification and teaching English abroad. They should be able to extensively answer all your questions about the program to help you make a decision.

9. Do Your Staff have Personal Experience living, working and teaching English Abroad? 

It is impossible for a person to teach you how to do something they themselves have not experienced. Only someone who has experience living and teaching abroad can adequately answer any questions you may have about the experience of moving abroad, from packing to finding housing and making friends.

10. What sets your TEFL certification school apart from others? 

With so many other TEFL certification schools available in the market, you should ask them to provide you with any advantage they may have over the competition. This is particularly true if you are considering a lot of other schools and are having trouble determining which school to choose.

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