February 01, 2019

How to Save Money for Your Batanes Trip

Batanes is one province of the Philippines that is part of my bucket list but it took me a long time to visit this place because airfare is so expensive. Yes, there is no other way to visit Basco, Batanes except to book a flight. There are flights from Manila, Clark, Tuguegarao, and Vigan so just visit the airline website so you will have an idea of the flight time and rates.

Manila to Basco 
Cebu Pacific

Clark to Basco
Philippine Airlines

Tuguegarao to Basco 
Northsky Air
Sky Pasada

Vigan to Basco 
Platinum Skies
As I’ve said before, Batanes airfare is not cheap so most of the time, Filipinos will just visit other Asian Countries than Batanes. I won’t deny that because I’ve experienced that when I was planning for our holiday.


December came and I was planning for our holiday getaway. We’re supposed to go to Taiwan, I already checked for plane ticket and hotel. But I was having second thoughts because it is more on nature trip and temples so I’m not sure if my son will like it. Remember our Bangkok Trip? Ayaw niya ng temple trip namin, hehehe!

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When my son came home from school, I asked him where he wants to go. Taiwan or Batanes? Temples or Mountains? I enumerated the possible places that we are going to visit in Taiwan and in Batanes and he chose Batanes.

So we let go of our Taiwan Trip and we immediately plan for our Batanes Trip. I’ve read some articles like PHP8000 Batanes Budget Trip and PHP12,500 DIY Batanes Trip, in my mind, I thought makakatipid ako because we’re not having an international trip but I was wrong.

When we decided to pursue our Batanes trip, my husband immediately called Bernardo’s Hotel to reserve a room and I purchased our plane ticket on the same day. The following day, I continued my getaway planning and at that moment, napapaisip ako if I’ve made the right decision. Why? Ang mahal pala talaga pumunta sa Batanes.

1. Our Batanes plane ticket is more expensive compared to Taipei plane ticket.
2. Bernardo’s Hotel rate is almost the same with Taipei hotel rate. No kids rate for my 10-year-old son.
3. Lastly, the tour package rate is so expensive. No kids rate too for my 10-year-old son.

So I checked some possible options on how we can save for our Batanes trip and I showed it to my husband but after brainstorming, we still chose Bernardo’s Hotel + Tours + Meals Package. My husband deposited 50% downpayment to confirm our reservation.

But of course, that is only our preference. We all know that we have our own needs, wants, and lifestyle. If you are reading this post, I’m pretty sure you are planning to visit Batanes anytime soon and you are curious if you can really go to Batanes on a budget. My answer is Yes, yes there are some ways to save money for your Batanes trip.

How to Save Money for Your Batanes Trip 

1. Buy cheap airline tickets. 

Batanes is known for expensive airfare but from time to time, you can score cheap airfare. Yes, watch out for airline seat sales, visit travel expo or if you have an airline membership card, use your miles. You can read a lot of blog post where they were able to buy an affordable plane ticket.

For Philippine Airlines, the cheapest one-way ticket that I’ve seen is PHP4000+ and the rate may change depending on the season. Prepare more or less PHP10,000 for a round trip ticket if there is no seat sale. If you will use miles, just pay PHP800 for Round Trip tickets.

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2. Look for affordable accommodation 

After buying your plane ticket, it is time to search for your accommodation, Batanes offers affordable, mid-range and luxury type of accommodation. Of course, homestays, lodge or inns is the choice for the cheapest accommodation. You can book for as low as P1200, check the list below. These are some examples but I’m pretty sure there are more choices on the internet.

Affordable Batanes Accommodation 

Davocol’s Inn
DDD Habitat Lodging House
Dive Batanes Lodge and Restaurant
Florabelle’s Iraya Guesthouse
Martin’s Inn
Midtown Inn
Marfel’s Lodge
Nathaniel’s Lodge
R&E Bed & Breakfast
Shanadel’s Inn
Savatan Homestay
Ysabelle Homestay

3. Prepare your own meals 

To be honest, not only airfare is expensive in Batanes but almost everything. Yes, even food so prepare around P300 budget every meal/per person if you will eat in the restaurant. It is like eating in Metro Manila, hindi siya provincial rate. If you want to save money, do not stay in the hotel because you cannot cook your own food.

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4. Look for promos, deals or discounted tours. 

I learned about Bernardo’s Hotel because of Deal Grocer, I love checking this site if I’m looking for affordable deals. Last year they are offering two deals, P19,000 (3D/2N) and P27,400 (4D/3N). I did not avail the promo because that is only good for two persons but as of this writing, they have offers for 4 persons na, P30,900 (3D/2N) and P40,500 (4D/3N). The offer includes room, transfers, tours and full-board meals.

You can also book tour at Klook, I was surprised when I learned that Klook have kid’s rate. Waah! Sayang!

3 Days North Batan, South Batan, and Sabtang Island Tour P5,500 
2 Days North Batan, South Batan, and Sabtang Island Tour P4,800 
North Batan Half Day Tour P1500 
Sabtang Island Day Tour from Batan Island P2500 
2 Days North Batan and South Batan Tour P3500 
South Batan Tour P2000 

If you are not picky, then join group tours. Group tours are cheaper compared to exclusive tours. You can book from your hotel, travel agency or buy tickets from Klook. I paid P7200 per person for our 3 Days North Batan, South Batan, and Sabtang Island Tour, so you can already see the difference. (Private Tour)
5. Book a Tricycle Tour

If you want DIY Batanes tour then book a tricycle, you can ask your hotel for contact, book at the travel agency or read some blogs for tricycle driver contact. We are family of three so we can avail the tricycle tour but we had a bad experience with tricycle tour kasi when we went to Guimaras, that’s why we did not choose this.

According to my research, this is the rate of the tricycle (good for two)

P1,100 - North Batan
P1,700 - South Batan
P2,200 - Sabtang

Tricycle Tour from Travel Agency (with lunch) 

One person
P1499 - North Batan
P1999 - South Batan
P2499 - Sabtang

Two persons
P999 - North Batan
P1299 - South Batan
P2299 - Sabtang

Three persons
P899 - North Batan
P1099 - South Batan
P1999 - Sabtang

* Rates are per person basis. 

Planning ahead of time is very important because you can wait for seat sale or visit travel expo. You can search and compare different rates of hostel or hotel. And you can find more affordable deals that will match your budget. That’s it for my savings tips.

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  1. Oh, expensive nga! Kelangan talaga planuhin mabuti ang trip to Batanes para makamura sa airfare and tour rates.

  2. Thanks for the detailed list of expenses to prepare for. We will soon come when our little traveler is way older na

  3. Nice one, Batanes, it's a good thing that you highlight local travel spots, ang dami talagang pwedeng puntahan sa Pilipinas na maganda.