November 12, 2019

What to Eat at The Farm at San Benito

The Farm at San Benito was on my bucket list for the longest time but I was hesitant to reserve a room because I’m a meat lover so vegan cuisine is not in my vocabulary. No Meat, No Eggs, and No Dairy do not appeal to me. Since this is a Health and Wellness Resort, bringing of foods and drinks are not allowed. You have to leave JUNK foods at the gate.

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Food is life so I was really worried that I might go hungry if I will stay here. So if you are a meat lover like me, don’t worry because "NO FASTING" at The Farm at San Benito. I was thankful that The Farm at San Benito opened PESCE restaurant a few months ago so it was really good news for us who are not a fan of a plant-based diet.

PESCE is a Pescetarian and Mediterranean restaurant that focuses on health and longevity of life. Pesce is an Italian word for fish so expect that there is seafood on their menu. The restaurant also offers fruits, vegetables and whole-grains to serve a balanced meal.

Lunch at PESCE Restaurant 

Since we arrived before eleven in the morning, we ate lunch at PESCE. They are open every day from 11:30AM to 10:00PM. Prior to our visit, I already saw their menu so I am no longer surprised with the price. The Farm at San Benito is a luxury resort so just like other 5-star hotels or resorts, the price is expensive. For Lunch Menu, the price ranges from PHP400 to P620.

We ordered Seafood Pinakbet PHP580, Calamari ad Fries PHP620, Aglio Olio Ala Chef PHP400 and Extra Rice PHP100. We also ordered Fish and Chips PHP620 but it was not available. While waiting they served complimentary bread and it is fresh from the oven.

Aglio Olio Ala Chef - Sauteed garlic, mushroom, fern salad, and chili deglazed with wine and tossed in olive oil and topped with grated pili nuts and walnuts.

Calamari and Fries - Crispy squid with traditional farm fries served with tartar sauce and lemon.

Seafood Pinakbet - Traditional Filipino stir-fried organic vegetables with bitter gourd, pumpkin, ladyfinger, and string beans in prawn paste served with jasmine rice.

We all loved the Seafood Pinakbet, how I wish 2 order na lang ng pinakbet ginawa namin kasi masarap talaga. If this menu is available during dinner, we will order Calamari and Fries and Seafood Pinakbet again. The Aglio Olio Ala Chef is just okay for us.

Update: December 2021

We went back to The Farm at San Benito but unfortunately, the lunch menu is no longer available. They only have one menu for both lunch and dinner so ito na yung mga mahal na options. 

Dinner at PESCE Restaurant 

For dinner, we are contemplating if we will eat at ALIVE or PESCE but when I checked the ALIVE menu, wala ko type so we went back to PESCE restaurant for our dinner. The only thing na ayaw namin sa PESCE is, nakakabutas ng bulsa ang presyo ng dinner nila. They have a separate menu for lunch and dinner. To give you an idea, here are the price ranges.

Appetizers - PHP725 to PHP5200
Salad - PHP725 to PHP1500
Soups - PHP450 to PHP1400
Main - PHP1000 to PHP2300
Chili Crabs - Minimum of PHP1600 for 300g, PHP500/100g
Wood Fire Oven Baked Lobster - Minimum PHP3000 for 300g, PHP900/100g
Pizza and Pasta - PHP700 to PHP1500
Dessert - PHP600

We ordered Wood Fire Baked Oven Seafood Pizza PHP1200, Spaghetti Gambereti PHP1200, and Eggplant Melanzane PHP1000. They served fresh complimentary bread while waiting. I’m thankful for the complimentary bread, kasi busog na anak ko dito. Hindi masyadong bet ng anak ko ang pescetarian and vegan diet but he tried some of the meals.

Wood Fire Baked Oven Seafood Pizza - Buckwheat dough pizza which prawn, scallops, crab meat, broccoli, and bell pepper.

Spaghetti Gamberetti - Pan-served prawns in garlic-deglazed white wine, added with cream, diced tomatoes tossed in spaghetti, and garnished parsley.

Eggplant Melanzane - Baked eggplant filled with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce served with crispy potato chips and filled with braised sprouted chile beans.

For our dinner, we liked the Spaghetti Gamberetti, the pizza toppings are good, hindi lang namin type ang buckwheat dough pizza. The eggplant melanzane is okay lang din, I thought it was similar to Eggplant Moussaka of Mano’s Greek Taverna pero hindi pala.

Breakfast at Alive Restaurant 

Our room package includes breakfast for two at Alive Restaurant. It is one of Asia’s first and finest vegan restaurants. The Alive restaurant is an award-winning restaurant; they already received 9 international awards recognizing their unique food preparations, culinary creations, and delicious vegan dishes. They serve home-grown produce, so the foods are from the farm to your table.

For breakfast, you will eat 3-courses. Since there were only two options, we ordered them all so we could try each meal.

Breakfast Menu 

Tropical Fruit Salad with Homemade Yoghurt 135Kcal
Organic Mixed Salad with Citrus Fruits and Nuts 122Kcal 

Healthy Cereals with Granola 165kcal (per person)

Open-Faced Tofu Sandwich with Potato Wedges 126Kcal
Banana Pancake 142 Kcal

For drinks, you have herbal tea, coffee, ginger lime tea, coconut milk, and almond milk.

We are happy and satisfied with our breakfast at Alive, sobrang nakakabusog yung 3-course meal. We liked the healthy cereals with granola, hindi ko nga lang naubos kasi masakit sa braces yung nuts but my husband finished my granola. And because he loves the cereals, we bought Rude Health Granola Honey and Nuts PHP375 at Landmark. I will check Healthy Options kung meron din sila. The only meal na hindi namin type sa breakfast is the Open-Faced Tofu Sandwich.

For kids, they have a Kid’s Menu. My son ordered Chocolate Banana Pancake PHP385 (183.7) calories. My son likes his order, ang bilis nga niya naubos yung pancake.

Alive Room Dining Service 

If you don’t want to leave your room, you can take advantage of the room service. They offer all-day breakfast in a jar, salads, soups, sandwiches and pasta, raw mains, cooked mains, side dishes, desserts, and drinks. Price ranges from PHP150 to PHP815.

In short, you will never go hungry at The Farm at San Benito because you have two options, you can choose PESCE or ALIVE! The only thing that you need to worry about is your budget. Hehehe! 

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  1. I like the serene atmosphere of that place. I haven't been much around the Philippines but I would be happy to check that out. The food looks very sumptuous.

  2. ive been hearing this place a lot of times already and still havent visited it. would love to see, feel, and hear its beauty, too. thanks for giving us a glimpse of it.

  3. Waaah, pamatay nga ang prices, OMG! But the farm sounds such a great place to unwind at and stay at. Would have loved to try it. Wawa sila, affected by the ash fall. Sana makarecover agad.

  4. Will do our best to visit this place. Seem awesome place