March 25, 2021

The Flavors of Italy

I was in the grocery last month and I was looking for olive oil but unfortunately, Landers only offers 5 liters and it is too much for us. If there is no COVID19 health scare, I will visit other supermarkets just to buy olive oil but I’m a changed woman right now, marunong na ko mag-online shopping. Hehehe! 

I searched the internet and it led me to Euro Rich Foodtrade Corporation, a company that started by two sisters who love to travel and eat fine foods. They love to visit Spain and Italy and because of their food adventures, they started a passion project so other people can recreate European foods at home. They believe that every person deserves to travel the world through their taste buds. Thanks to them we can now buy authentic European foods in the Philippines. 

I love the idea and I’m glad that I discovered this online shop because even I’m stuck at home, I can experience other cuisines too, kasi puro Korean, Japanese and Spanish foods na kinakain namin so for a change, Italian cuisine naman ang iexplore, Euro Rich is indeed a home of the finest European gourmet because you can buy a lot of Italian products from Mazza and Dolce Vita company. You can buy rice, pasta, specialty creams, dairy, olive oils, seasonings, sauces, canned fruits, bottled foods, and other cooking essentials that you need. 

Actually, at first, I was hesitant to order because of the shipping fee so mga ilang days din naka-add to cart sa akin. I’m thankful for the PHP100 shipping discount, shop voucher, and 15% cashback, nacheck-out ko na rin. Of course, I ordered extra virgin olive oil and I added grated parmesan cheese, full cream milk, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, and risotto.

Items are all well-packed and arrived in good condition, pati yung canned goods nakabubble wrap pa. With regard to expiration, matagal pa so you can still store it for a long time. If you are looking for Italian products, you can try this store. I will order again kapag may promo ulit. Hehehe! My son liked this milk too, so sulit siya kasi mas mura sa present milk namin. 

You can order online

“People will travel anywhere for good food - it’s crazy.” Rene Redzepi 

Update: August 2021

Yesterday, I was watching the video of Chef RV about Homemade pizza and this reminded me of the cold cuts that I bought from Euro Rich Foodtrade last June. I planned to prepare a Charcuterie board last Father’s Day pero dahil nagawa ko na yun noong Graduation Day celebration, hindi ko na naituloy.

Actually, I was having second thoughts pa nga kasi baka masira lang ito sa delivery but fortunately, nadeliver naman after 3 days (J&T). The food products are inside the insulated bag + bubble wrap + box so everything arrived in good condition. But I hope gayahin din nila ang San Miguel Frozen store na may ibang courier kaya frozen pa rin yung food kapag dumarating. 

Anyway, I already tried the cheese and okay naman. I hope sipagin ako magpizza this weekend, parang madali lang kasi yung recipe ni Chef RV. I’ll update this blog post kapag natikman ko na. 

You can order online


  1. how is the mozarellla cheese?

    1. Okay naman. Similar din sa nabibili sa grocery.