June 30, 2021

Scrambled Eggs

Egg is a staple food in our house because we use it for cooking and baking. There are tons of egg recipes that you can find online that you can serve for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner. It is so easy to prepare and cook. And if you are starting to learn how to cook, you can start with eggs. 

In our house, I usually prepare scrambled eggs and of course, there are so many ways on how to cook scrambled eggs but what I usually do is I don’t beat the eggs. I just crack it, season with garlic salt and parsley (you can add pepper if you want). Pour in the hot pan with cooking oil or butter and stir for few minutes. 

You can add other ingredients, usually, if we have leftover luncheon meat, hotdog, sausage, bacon, ham, cold cuts, or other meat, I include this in my scrambled egg. Of course, if we have leftover rice I also add it, parang Yang Chow Fried Rice. Kanin pa lang ulam na. :)

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