November 23, 2021

Design Cuts Black Friday Deals

Good news for you. Design Cuts is offering two discounts, the first one is the Individual Products Discount, where you can buy fonts, backgrounds, mockups, illustrations, presets, brushes, templates, and many more. Discounts will vary but some are up to 50%. Check the Latest Deals here. (on going deal) 

The second one is, Design Cuts is re-running their 12 Best Bundles. The bundles include fonts, mockups, artistic and vintage for 98% off. Bundle Re-Runs will be starting on Monday 22nd November at 2pm (BST) and ending on Tuesday 30th. You can check the Black Friday Bundles here

12 Incredible Black Friday Bundles for only $29 

Among these bundles, I already purchased "The Fantastical Festive Designer’s Collection" which is perfect for this Christmas Season. 

For all of you holiday lovers, this is your opportunity to get your hands on the most magical resources of the season. Get a head start on designing jolly wrapping paper, holiday cards, and gift tags, or even adding festive touches to your family photos. Bursting with whimsy and charm, this collection is sure to bring Christmas to your door this year. Discover rustic illustrations, festive patterns, winter backgrounds, and so much more 

Packed full of warm and playful fonts, patterns, illustrations, and more, this collection is sure to bring your designs to life and immerse you in all things summer. From industry-leading designers and product creators such as Sadie Lew, Eclectic Anthology, and The Artifex Forge, these packs will have you creating at all hours of the day. 

Back by popular demand, we have The Creative’s Spectacular Typography Set, a collection of highly expressive, elegant fonts to reinvigorate your designs. Included in this bundle is an assortment of our best-selling font re-runs, which includes clean, geometric fonts made for all of your contemporary design needs. With packs from W Type Foundry, Callie Hegstrom, and Latinotype, integrating typography into your work will have never been easier. 

Give your font library a creative boost with the Deliciously Versatile Font Collection! Finding high-quality fonts can be really time-consuming and expensive – so we’ve done the legwork for you, bringing you our top selection of stunning typefaces featuring our best-selling designers! These fonts are not only beautiful but offer a huge variety of styles, weights, alternates, and ligatures to give you ultimate typographic control.  

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of The Designer’s Complete Typography Collection, full to the brim with contemporary fonts that were crafted with style and legibility in mind. Brought to you by top type foundries like My Creative Land, Latinotype, and Los Andes, you’ll have access to every font you’ll need to create striking designs in a variety of applications. This mix of elegant serifs and sharp geometric sans will have you creating like never before! 

Having a variety of high-quality fonts at your fingertips is key for any designer. To save you hours of searching, we have put together a fantastic collection of versatile fonts that are perfectly suited whatever the application. Whether you are looking to take your brand and packaging to the next level, add stunning lettering to your media projects, or wow your customers with your website, this bundle has it all! The Modern Designer’s Extensive Font Library brings together top-selling designers from all around the world, including Los Andes Type, Fenotype, ROHH, and Latinotype, just to name a few. 

Introducing The Typography Lover’s Essential Collection, carefully curated with font lovers and typography enthusiasts in mind. This collection combines modernity and elegance, boldness and detail, to produce a unique assortment of statement fonts ready to be used for any of your creative projects. With an abundance of styles, weights, and contrasts, prepare to elevate every aspect of your design process. 

Introducing The Font Collector’s Handpicked Selection, the perfect collection to help you wrap up the year in style. These luxurious and meticulously created fonts were crafted to add outstanding elegance to your designs. They’ll offer you the chance to jump between all forms of print and digital media with ease and produce pieces that are vibrant to read. Created with attention to detail in mind, these fonts will have you designing gorgeous wedding invitations, holiday cards, magazine covers, and so much more, in no time! 

Mockups are a fantastic way to improve the appearance of your design work and make it look more polished and professional. They also bridge the imagination gap that your clients have between your designs and the final application – we all know how hard it is for the clients to ‘get’ how it’s going to look! That’s why we have put together The Designer’s Essential Mockup Toolbox; bringing you a huge range of the most popular mockup templates for every application! From branding to logos, brochures, packaging, apparel, we’ve got it covered!  

Books, packaging, mood boards, homeware, and anything in between, we have a mockup for that! Our latest collection provides a diverse wonderland of inspiration and style to help you create the perfect scene to promote your designs. Hand-selected packs of realistic, attractive, and customizable elements from pillows, clothing tags, and ceramics to book covers, iPhones, and picture frames, amongst other things, provide a natural feel to your creations. Tackle your next presentation, pitch or promotion, with an arsenal of assets second to none. Full of practical and beautiful arrangements, this is a pack you don’t want to miss. 

Announcing The Amazing Designer’s Complete Artistic Library, a bundle that promises to take your creativity to new heights. It includes beautiful textures, brushes, fonts, and illustrations that will come in handy for any level of designer, whether a hobbyist or seasoned professional. From designers like MiksKS, Lisa Glanz, and Set Sail Studios, these diverse products are designed to let your imagination run wild. This library – compatible with Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.

Discover a breath-taking collection of beautiful vintage resources to give your work an extra authentic vintage touch! This collection contains professionally scanned and intricately sketched illustrations, along with a host of stunning patterns, textures, fonts, frames, effects and so much more – it really has it all!

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