January 28, 2022

DIY Seafood Hotpot

We’re almost at the end of January 2022 but I am still trying to finish my December backlogs. In my previous post, I shared about our love for samgyeopsal so we bought an electric grill so even we are stuck at home, we can still satisfy our Korean BBQ cravings. But aside from that we also enjoy shabu-shabu or hotpot. 

Hotpot is also known as steamboat or soup-food, it is a type of cooking method that is originated in China. Sometimes we called it shabu-shabu, a Japanese term for hotpot. Our first hotpot experience was twelve years ago and since then, we already tried a few shabu-shabu restaurants both domestic and international.

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic restrictions, it is not easy to do some food trips so we do our own food trip at home na lang. Two years ago we prepared ingredients for hotpot and samgyeopsal for my mother-in-law’s birthday. We enjoyed our hotpot experience pero ewan ko ba bakit natagalan yung next hotpot namin. 

After one year, we had our first DIY Hotpot at home. For the hotpot, you need broth and raw ingredients that are easy to cook. You can prepare thinly sliced meat, dumplings, vegetables, vermicelli, seafood, and other foods that you like. 

For our soup base, I bought different flavors from Lee Kum Kee online, I purchased Pork Bone, Chicken, and Seafood. I also bought Bibigo Mandu PHP240 and Assorted Hotpot Balls 250g PHP165 at the Korean store. My husband bought our seafood at the wet market, for our family of three, nahirapan pa kami ubusin ito. We had clams, mussels, salmon, and tiger prawns. I added vermicelli and green vegetables kung anong meron sa fridge. 

We enjoyed our shabu-shabu at home so after a month, we had seafood hotpot again but this time, we only have a few ingredients (prawn head, scallops, vermicelli, and dried wakame. It just so happened that someone gave us seafood so we had crabs, prawns, and scallops. We already cooked the crabs and prawns but I don’t know what to do with the scallops so para madali, hotpot na lang. Good thing, I saved the prawn heads para malasa yung broth namin. I don’t have veggies at home so I used dried wakame na lang. 

P.S. Matagal pa yung paglilinis ko ng scallops kaysa sa pagkain namin. Waah!

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